10 reasons to choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM is powerful and flexible. It is the ideal solution for small and big business alike, with a high range of customisable options. MS Dynamics CRM is also one of the few CRMs which offer a choice between On Premise and Cloud hosting. While smaller single locations business may prefer having their CRM hosted on their own server, larger global organisations can avail of the cloud hosting option.

There are multiple reasons which make the MS Dynamics CRM the perfect choice for your business.


  1. Marketing campaigns: The Microsoft Dynamics facilitates the Marketing Team with setting up marketing campaigns and executing them in an efficacious manner. The campaign budget can be utilised in a productive manner, deriving the best outcome and high returns.
  2. Powerful reporting engine: Accessing information from the CRM becomes effortless with the advanced features offered by the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Up to date customised reports using the local or global scale data can be generated on a real time basis.
  3. Advanced filters: Finding the needed data is an easy task with the great search options and the advanced filters. Filters are a valuable tool when it comes to streamlining data, making reports and searching to specific data.
  4. Manage leads: Generating leads and ensuring conversion is a part of the marketing analytics feature of the MS Dynamics CRM. The leads can be tracked and managed. The follow up and conversion can be monitored.
  5. Role Specific Dashboard: One of the best features of the MS Dynamics CRM is that the Dashboard can be customised to suit the user’s requirements. This facilitates employees to function better and perform given tasks faster.
  6. Management: The Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables the senior management to keep track of the on goings in the organisation. It allows remote management facilities and can be accessed globally.
  7. Integrating business network: An organisation can have central management across the world through the MS Dynamics CRM. Performance data can easily be monitored and corrective action taken when required. Management of a global network becomes easier.
  8. Problem Handling: Internal problems can be addressed on a global scale enabling a wider solution perspective. Problem areas can be tracked and the issues solved in the initial stages.
  9. Higher productivity: Every organisation is on the lookout for ways in which to increase productivity. Streamlining operations through the MS Dynamics CRM can help to derive better manpower utilisation.
  10. ROI: Increased productivity and profit margins helps to balance the overhead costs and thereby deliver a better ROI.


Taking full benefit out of your MS Dynamics CRM is an area of concern for every organisation. The implementation and customisation of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM plays a vital role in defining the type of returns an organisation can get from the Dynamics CRM.

Technically qualified and authorised firms like Pragmasys can help clients with the implementation of the MS Dynamics CRM. Pragmasys is a Microsoft Gold Partner and adept at helping a client’s organisation map their current organisational process with the new CRM system. They analyse the operational patterns and update the management on the helpful features available in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM which can promote business operations to new levels. Many clients are not aware of the multiple features within the Dynamics CRM which can be leveraged for better ROI. This is the where Microsoft authorised firms like Pragmasys can be a valuable asset to businesses.