Pragmassurance on CNBC TV 18 !

It gives us immense pleasure in sharing the success of country’s one of the biggest Dynamics CRM implementation in the BFSI sector. This not only adds yet another customer to Pragmasys’ all happy customers family but also proves the abilities of Pragmasys team to deliver very large and complex (close to 20 million policies, 30 million contacts, 300 K cases a month, over 20 real time integration with core policy system carrying out few thousand transactions every day and supporting 2-3 thousand users across the country) enterprise wide deployment of Dynamics CRM for Reliance Life Insurance.


Why we love MS Dynamics CRM and you should too!

At an organisational level, teams are often faced with situations like:

– Multiple sales representatives speaking to the same customer, hence duplicity of efforts and communication
– Multiple tools are deployed generating different data points but cannot be integrated into a common dashboard

The above challenges look complex but are invariably simple to resolve through effective utilisation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM module. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the sales team can access all documents/ quotes/ information about a customer at one. The top 3 reasons why we love MS Dynamics CRM are:

Prospect/ Lead management: A sales representative gets a lead writes down in his notebook and forgets about it vs an alert set up in Microsoft Dynamics CRM can create a task assignment for a prospect that hasn’t received a follow up call in a specified time. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, one can intelligently put their time with help of automated assignment of outbound calls and follow up activities with prospects/ leads assigned. This can be followed by leads closed. The ones open in the system can be assigned reasons or marked for follow up. The consolidated dashboard can help synchronise the marketing teams efforts with the sales team prospecting efforts.

Discover well-wishers: As part of marketing outreach programmes, organisations reach out to many past customers for referrals. Invariably the business increases but before Microsoft Dynamics CRM it was impossible to track from where the referral was coming, but now sales team know and continuously update their referral database.

Warning Systems: No one is enthusiastic about calling or responding to an email from an irate buyer. But what one fails to realise that procrastinating it will only increase the heartburn for the customer and the organization. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can send alerts to the team responsible for all teh activities that needs to be done but hasn’t been. A dashboard gives everyone in the team/ company a visual reminder of high priority tasks. This helps in categorizing high priority jobs and understand which amongst the team member is responsible.