Enhancing Sales With CRM Dynamics

Traditionally marketing and sales roles have been treated as two different functions in an organization. However, with the evolving digital media, this differentiation is getting blurred. There is an increasing noise within the two teams as to who is poaching into the others territory and this is largely because all are dependent on information.

Typically, a customer to an organization’s products / services is already aware of their presence through Email campaigns, Website, Facebook, Twitter or an Event/ Promotion. The customer has already signed up for some program and hence the details should be available in the one database or the other. Therefore, it is ever so important for the Marketing and Sales Heads to know:

  • Who is the customer?
  • From where the customer is coming?
  • Why is the customer visiting the brand?

With this changing digital landscape, need of the hour is a perfect CRM solution like MS Dynamics CRM becomes an answer to many such questions and database management. At the same time, CRM also contributes towards effective client acquisition and retention because all the customer interactions (emails, sign-up details etc.) are stored at one place. There are practical scenarios like multiple representatives handling the same case with multiple histories. This way, while the marketing team can use CRM and track data, to ensure that all categories of customers know about the products and services that the organization offers; the sales team gets to use the same data to be on top of sales targets and fulfilling customer requirements.

It is hence very important to have one centralized MS Dynamics CRM platform which all departments can access customer information to understand customer needs better and deliver services/products accordingly.