Start up companies/organization owners while wanting to take the next leap, are always in a dilemma of whether to implement a CRM solution or not for their business. In our experience, we have observed that one of the major factors which determines the success of any business is to have access to timely and relevant data. All businesses have data starting from their own customer information to sales data, vendor lists, marketing campaigns, events that they have done and the results thereof. The issue with most scenarios is that, though all these data is maintained, they are often with individual sets of people, different excel sheets and independent pieces of software and it is often difficult to access all this information and use it to the best of purpose required.

This is when an effective CRM solution like MS Dynamics comes into picture. It helps reduce the scattered information and helps to streamline all operational data at one place, which can be easily accessible across the organization by various departments. While an effective CRM will help business leaders in an organisation to understand and anticipate their customer requirements, the business delivery professionals also need to start enhancing their service turn around time so as the customer experience is enhanced. Though CRM tracks every interaction that a company representative has with a customer or a prospect, it also starts reflecting the real issues & positives from a customers’ point of view like any unanswered emails, issues, queries, requests or the result of a successful marketing campaign/event.

One basic check that all business and process owners should keep in mind is that a CRM solution gives measurable returns however the results come gradually over a period of time. Implementing a CRM solution requires a strong buy-in from not only CRM process owners but also other functions like sales, service, marketing teams, who are the actual users of the system as a whole. The main reason for buy-in is that often sales representatives have their own preferred medium of communication with their set of customers and they may see a CRM solution as a hindrance in adopting to a better/faster solution for collecting, maintaining and analyzing reliable pieces of data at one go. Keeping everyone’s requirements in mind, we provide a simple UI platform in terms of MS Dynamics CRM solution to users to perform their daily tasks in the most efficient manner. This ultimately helps businesses grow and define an overall landscape for the organization with intelligent data analytics and minimal manual effort.