5 Years of Pragmasys Consulting

Pragmasys Consulting is the realization of an idea – aiming towards smart Customer Relationship Management (CRM / XRM) solutions for organisations who have underutilized resources and need assistance in streamlining their operations. On the occasion of completing 5 years, an important milestone by itself, we get into a candid chat with the partners at Pragmasys.

What was the thought behind starting Pragmasys?

The purpose of Pragmasys has always been to provide advisory service to the businesses, to optimize their investments in terms of software product licenses or the implementation services where they have underutilized particular software benefits.

The Implementation Advisory, a premium service was aimed at advising on the five pillars of success of any enterprise software product viz Goals, Processes, Technology, Governance and User adoption as well as monitoring the progress of the project wrt these pillars throughout the implementation lifecycle. The idea was to make great savings for the customer which themselves would fund the advisory service.

When we look at today’s Pragmasys we think the roots lie in the success of the Implementation Advisory service as our customers saw merit in our service and our commitment to the customer’s success and demanded more than just the advisory service to take over the complete implementation. As we build the development team to provide the implementation service then the Industry specific solutions and subscription offering was a natural thought progression.

Please describe the first customer acquisition

Our first implementation assignment came in from our association with Oracle, based on our super speciality expertise in Siebel. We were a team of only 5 members and had an uphill task of doing a complete implementation of Partner Relationship Management in just about 3 months. Pragmasys team was looked upon highly as the saviour in the multi vendor environment in a high pressure delivery timelines. Pragmasys team came out as winner as we steered the project successfully through the challenging environment and helped our customer to come out as a winner. Since then there is no looking back whether it is Siebel, Microsoft or any other product and any customer. Pragmasys team works only with one objective “Customer Success” and believes the rewards follow the good work.

How has the Pragmasys evolved over the years and the corresponding implementation strategy for the same?

Well as mentioned earlier Pragmasys has enhanced it’s service offering from Advisory services to Industry Specific solutions, Cloud Solutions, Complete implementation services and beyond CRM to encompass the Business Intelligence (Analytics) domain. At Pragmasys we like to keep things easy and a step at a time. Every year we ask ourselves a question what next? How can we contribute to simplify business solutions further, improve end user productivity and experience? We take one initiative at a time which has business merit and has value from our customer’s perspective.

Pragmasys team constantly keeps adding new industry solutions / add-ons to ensure the end users get business value and ease of use. This year being special we decided to enhance our geographical coverage and are setting up office in United States. We hope to follow it up with Europe in the coming year.Moreover Pragmasys service offering has also increased and not only in CRM space now we are seen as trusted advisers for customer’s in the space of Social media, digital marketing also. As these additional touch points have become very critical in current scenario.

What makes Pragmasys different?

At Pragmasys everybody knows what our focus is. We look at every point how it affects my customer’s business. We clearly know we are not technocrats and do not invent any new technology rather we make effective use of the technology to provide business applications solutions which help our customers to improve their business operations. Just like in many situations the solution to a complex issue is a simple common sense. This very simple thought base principle has amazing results which are evident from the progress Pragmasys has made, not only improving the top-line but the bottom line also.

What are the future implications of the technology that Pragmasys is working on?

As said earlier we are not focusing on any technology rather we focus on business challenges and provide solutions using technology. We see a rapid growth in use of mobile devices as well cloud adoption. Both these areas have great opportunities for Pragmasys as well as our customers to leverage upon to take a lead in the market.

What are the key company milestones for the next 1 to 5 years that needs to be achieved?

Pragmasys team looks forward to being recognized for its specialities in the global markets in the next 5 years. So expect Pragmasys presence in multiple countries in next 5 years. Pragmasys will also launch many plug & play CRM solutions specially designed for typical business processes / domains working on multiple cloud CRM platforms specially in areas of Channel management, Employee relationship management, partner relationship management etc

What are you paranoid about?

Pragmasys team is always paranoid about only one thing “Customer Success” because that the only thing we track or may be because that is the foundation how Pragmasys was borne.

Case Study: Reliance Life Insurance Company

Life insurance customers rarely get in touch with the insurer. Reliance Life’s goal is to leave a lasting impression in that minimal interaction with its customers for maximum retention. The challenge was how to provide consistent service — be it at a remote or metropolitan branch or at the call center. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 allows Reliance Life to achieve all this and more. By integrating all customer touch-points, it creates a seamless experience from on-boarding to claim.

This is where Pragmasys, stepped in and implemented Pragmassurance, our solution for the Insurance industry. Read the complete case study here.