Top 5 Steps to a Successful CRM Initiative for CEO’s

Stakeholders in any business, while implementing CRM, must completely own the project. This begins from identifying the goals to documenting the different business processes and tangible metrics. Eventually the success or failure of any CRM implementation will depend on the buy-in from the senior management.

Following are the top 5 checklist pointers for CEO’s to have a successful CRM initiative

Identify and evaluate all the processes that demand change, the current bottlenecks, work-around and simultaneously put together all the tangible metrics to measure performance.

Establish a customer focused culture along with implementing a scalable system, keeping in mind, that all information, resources will grow/increase with time. Also, it is essential to have a go-to-guy within the organisation, responsible for integration with your other applications to provide a complete overview of the customer.

Identify the businesses most profitable customers and provide timely/ customised products, services, and promotions that keep them updated and valued.

Recognize the ever changing dynamics between individual department needs like between sales and marketing teams. The need to know the details and results of marketing campaigns, customer interactions is the order of the day. It is good to have sales, marketing and customer service team communicate over a common platform like CRM to avoid misunderstandings, customer side errors, interaction history tracking, etc.

Understand and review reports that can be customised depending on the organization need to understand the success of a CRM implementation.