Regional ISV Partner of the year award at Microsoft Inspire

Pragmasys has won the prestigious Regional ISV Partner of the year award at Microsoft Inspire – Annual Worldwide Partner meet.

Congratulations to all of you! This would not have been possible without your relentless efforts in delivering best in class CRM solutions to our customers!

CRM driving business value for healthcare industry

The MS Dynamics CRM enables healthcare businesses to entice patients with delivering better value services. People are always attracted to quality of service in relation to cost. At the end of the day for healthcareit is the deliverables that matter as much as the returns. The core of a healthcare business whether it is a hospital, speciality clinic, diagnostic centre or any other, is to provide a servicethat is of value to the patient.

Improved service to patients
Businesses can improve their standard of healthcare services with the introduction of the MS Dynamics CRM system. This system helps to record and organise minute details of the patient’s medical history and the treatment details along with the doctor’s report in a chronological manner. These details can be presented in a proper record format which is pleasing to the eye.

With the MS Dynamics CRM system, comprehensive information and records of the patient are easily accessible at hand which helps to improve patient satisfaction. This enables the business to deliver higher value outcomes and improves business reputation. Building a reputation adds to the asset value of a business in the way of Goodwill or Brand value.

Business value
On face value the health care industry demonstrates a façade of delivering high value services to the community. Business returns are essential but always calculated behind the scenes. The MS Dynamics CRM has been designed to ensure that there is an equal balance between the two.

The main focus of implementing the MS Dynamics CRM is to give patients a better service which they feel is value for money. In turn this helps to increase business with higher number of patients seeking treatments that are value for money. The result being increased incomes and better profitability. Overhead costs are reduced in ratios to the number of patients thus driving up profit margins.

CRM support from Pragmasys
The MS Dynamics CRM system solves a lot of organisational problems and streamlines systems. It is easy for a business to become totally dependent on it. However, people believe that every system is susceptible to go down or malfunction. In contrast the MS Dynamics CRM software has been built to be robust and is totally dependable. To ease the fears,Pragmasysprovides round the clock support and service to clients.

The technical team are on standby to help sort out problems and any issues with CRM operations. Some common problems are data accessibility, security level access or report generation. These are handled immediately by Pragmasys support team. A healthcare organisation needs their system to be up and running without a glitch 24 x 7 and Pragmasysensures smooth operations with minimal downtime.

Operational modifications to Microsoft CRM
Changes in the system can be incorporated without affecting the current operations. The expert Pragmasys technicians are highly experienced in the area of making changes and modification to the system at operational levels including the incorporation of new data fields and modifications to the user interface.

Every now and then there is a need for a new report format that offers the relevant required information only. This may include designing new queries to meet the requirement or format changes in the report. Incorporating new reports formatsas and when required is a service that the Pragmasysteam can have in place within a matter of a few days.

Healthcare: Reduce risk with MS Dynamic CRM

Every industry faces some risks in their operations. The type of risks an organisation encounters varies from industry to industry. Incorporating systems to reduce risk and safeguard business interests is one of the primary agenda’s that high risk business have.

The medical industry falls under the high risk segment as here they have people’s lives at stake. It is a matter of life and death in some cases. A healthcare business needs to ensure that they have their records in order to counter any false allegations.  One small error in record or in case some minor details have not been included in the patient’s record could lead to disastrous consequences.

The MS Dynamics CRM system enables a healthcare business to reduce risks by maintaining accurate, up to date information including the minute details regarding the patients care. Some of the features of the MS Dynamics CRM which helps in reducing risk and securing the business are:

  • Complete patient record: The Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be customised to store the whole medical history of the patient including doctor’s comments, allergies, response to treatment and medication. This information can be accessed easily and viewed in a comprehensive report format.

  • Records updated on real time: The patient’s record is up to date at all times. Any tests or medicine administered is updated immediately. This allows the doctor to remain apprised of the case and also enables the finance and billing department to generate the invoice accordingly.

  • Data Security: The MS Dynamics CRM system offers businesses total data security. Only authorised people have access to view data. Certain departments can update records where required. Modifications and deletion of patients’ record requires high level access. The user name is recorded along with any information that is added in the patients’ medical record.

  • Streamline operations: A business that has their operations streamlined drives higher performance value. Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables businesses to optimise operations with effective manpower and resource utilisation.

  • Reduce costs: There are various methods of reducing cost and MS Dynamics CRM system helps to identify some areas with the help of comprehensive and consolidated reports.. Through streamlined operations there is an improved performance and hence a reduction in operational costs. Resource allocation can be monitored and wastage curtailed.

Identifying non-profit segments through CRM

Business risks are not only related to services. Every business faces the risk of closure when they are not able to break even and sustain over a certain stipulated time period without delving into the capital fund. The MS Dynamics CRM enables healthcare management to identify segments that are increasing costs without delivering the required performance and contributing towards the income. Identifying unprofitable sections becomes very easy through the Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Partnering with Pragmasys

Pragmasys are Microsoft Gold Partners. They have a fully qualified team of experts to handle all requirement correlated to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Pragmasys specialises in understanding your existing system and customising the MS Dynamics CRM to match the requirements of your business. The greatest advantage of upgrading to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM is that it enables businesses to take their business operation to a higher level with a better control over operational management and easier monitoring and reporting. Once the Microsoft CRM is underway a small part of the Pragmasys team continues to work closely with the client to ensure that the CRM system is on track and operations progress smoothly.