The customisation advantage of MS Dynamic for health care

Every organisation has their individual style of operations. This applies to the health care domain as well. There are areas of specialisation and particular treatments offered which varies from one healthcare business to another. Some health care providers specialise in particular types of treatment and need the CRM to be customised according to the services and treatments that they offer.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution enables a business to customise the user interface as well as the reports generated. Reports could include medical reports for patients or their case history. Other reports could include the general overall performance based reports of the business unit as a whole. These kinds of reports are required by the management to access the business profitability and growth.

The MS Dynamics CRM allows in-depth customisation of the software from the entity level to the dashboard. The Pragmasys team can help their clients to redefine the table structures, define queries and design reports. Microsoft Dynamics has a powerful reporting engine which allows the user to pull out complex reports from various data formats and multiple entity levels. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is among the most user friendly CRM solutions.

Friendly user interface:

The highlight of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the easy to operate and user friendly interface. The founding principle of Microsoft products was user-friendliness. Every product designed by Microsoft incorporates features to make it as user friendly as possible. Even a layperson should feel comfortable operating a Microsoft product. This pattern has been incorporated into the Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Easy Data access

The basis of using a CRM solution is to consolidate data and then to be able to access it in ways that serve a particular purpose. You can find whatever you are looking for with the greatest of ease. A patient’s record can be found based on a number of different criteria if they don’t have the patient code handy.

Navigation: With Microsoft Dynamics CRM navigation takes on a new meaning. Getting through data was never easier. You can cut right through the chase and get to the point you wish to be with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It is easy to find the specific information you want.

Easy integration: It integrates very easily with other Microsoft products as well as third party products. A health care business may require patient’s lab reports and reports from medical equipment to get uploaded and integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM automatically. Integrating the software with the Microsoft CRM can be carried out easily and the Pragmasys technical team can help with the technicalities. The extensive Microsoft Dynamics CRM dashboard can simplify third party software access.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM supports your business function and eases the pressure on maintaining updated records and data consolidation. The greatest advantage of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution is the option for on-site hosting as well as cloud hosting. Some businesses are keen to keep their data on-site rather than having it floating on a cloud. Other businesses prefer to leave their data security concerns in the hands of Microsoft by hosting on their server.

Why banks prefer to use PragmaBanco

The Banking Industry today relies heavily on automation. All banking operations have been computerised. This has enabled centralisation of control and management as well as improved monitoring of each branch activities. Centralisation allows improvement in quality and service levels. The management can access real-time updates regarding the performance of each branch.

PragmaBanco is a CRM formed out of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM which has been specifically designed for use by banks. It comes with enhanced capabilities to meet the challenges that banks face at different levels. PragmaBanco does not only provide a facility to improve customer relationship but provides an all-encompassing solution for all online banking activities which pertain to the customer and their needs.

 Banking is all about customer service and being able to provide the customer with high end services that come across in a personalised manner. PragmaBanco is most effective method for improving customer relationship and ensuring that each customer is catered to. It is a CRM system that has been intendedfor the purpose of providing an exclusive banking experience.

 Ready to use CRM

Every customer service organisation can benefit greatly from a CRM system.However, the organisational needs vary from industry to industry. Similarly banking has its own requirements. Generally an organisation would have to have a CRM system specifically customised to meet its needs. This entails time and additional cost not to mention the energy spent on getting the new system streamlined to meet their operational needs. The PragmaBanco comes ready to use for banks with few minor changes depending on the banks policies. It saves time, effort and money. Banks can immediately work on the upgrade transition to incorporating PragmaBanco. The dashboards are user friendly and require very little introduction. Manoeuvring around the software is a simple task and the required options are easily accessible.

 Customer relationship

A bank has to make its customer feel special like they matter. The email integration with the customer database allows personalised emails to be sent to the customer on specific days like birthday anniversary and other festive occasions. These emails are sent automatically and are a feature of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM which has been neatly integrated into the banking arena. Informative emails regarding the promotion of new services and facilities offered by the bank can be regularly emailed to keep the customer updated about their bank’s activities and what is new with their bank.

Banking customers always seek quick service. PragmaBanco helps in eliminating the time lag for account related financial transactions. The role specific dashboard empowers the banker to easily find the required options without any confusion. Banking officials find it simple to use PragmaBanco.

 Stimulate business growth

The greatest benefit of PragmaBanco is that it enables the bank to delve into various channels such as social media to help propel business growth. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM tools to source potential customers based on the online behaviour patterns can help the bank to get hot leads. These leads can be further analysed and pursued for business growth.

MS Dynamics CRM has a number of marketing analytic tools which can be leveraged to create efficacious strategies. Sales functions can be channelized to generate more business with particular strategies which can be monitored and modified to generate maximum benefit.

The best CRM for Banks

The banking industry revolves around the multitude of customers who invest with them. Maintaining a good relationship with each individual customer is the underlying foundation for the success of a particular banking unit. People prefer to deal with a bank that has a reputation for giving their customers a good banking experience. Service matters to people and helps to draw larger crowds.

 Stepping up

There are a large number of different banks each one aiming to outdo the other with something special. This competition makes it all the more crucial for a bank to provide their customers with a superior banking facility. A bank needs a Customer Relationship Management system that puts them a notch above the rest. They need a CRM system that has been designed keeping the banking services and facilities mind. Retaining an existing customer is worth a lot more than marketing to 10 new ones.

 The focus

A wholesome customer service stems from a number of factors such as quick service, individualised attention, personalised care, immediate processing of requests, reducing the waiting time while processing banking services and many more factors. A bank that treats each customer like they are important irrespective of their balance is one that will thrive in the long run. A bank is only able to impart to its customers this kind of complete banking experience when they have a comprehensive CRM system in place. To assist banks in their customer service realm Pragmasys presents PragmaBanco.

 PragmaBanco is a customised CRM which is based on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It upholds all the finer aspects and features of DynamicsCRM tailored to the banking needs. The concept is to provide banks with a readymade customised software suite that meets their essential needs. It incorporates a wide range of banking services. The focus is on two aspects

  • Top notch banking experience for existing customers
  • Techniques grow business with innovative marketing strategies

 Keeping the security in check

Security is a defining factor for banks. The whole banking system rests on the security aspect of the CRM. Breeches and lapses have no place. Banks require a CRM system like PragmaBanco which is totally secure with a multilevel security system in place. Customerdata is accessible to banking personnel after central authorisation is given. PragmaBanco has a totally secure security seal. Any activity that is not in alignment with the usual procedures or follows a different trend is immediately picked up and security alerts are generated with special monitoring of activity and higher security protocols.

 Business growth prospects

The core essence of every business is not just to provide existing customers with a good service, but to expand further. The growth of a business relies on upscale sales and marketing tactics. The PrgmaBanco CRM system enables banks to leverage a variety of MS Dynamics CRM tools to develop, execute, analyse and monitor marketing strategies. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM is known to have some of the best marketing analytics tools.Pragmasys has ensured that banks get to utilise these tools in the best possible manner.

 Pragmasys provides banks with a total overview of the features and benefits of the PragmaBanco CRM system which has been designed specifically to transport banking system into the next level of secure automation with reduced manpower and higher efficiency.

 PragmaBanco gives customers a new age banking experience. The highly automates systems enables customers to specifically define their service needs without the need for intervention by a banking personnel. The bottom line for a bank is happy customers at reduced operational costs.

Making CRM work for you

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the leading CRM solutions. It offers clients numerous features which can be easily incorporated into the business. These features can be leveraged to promote the business growth and explore the viability of different areas of expansion. The MS Dynamics CRM solution identifies areas of profitability and opens access channels and market analysis facilities.

When an organisation invests in a CRM system there are certain expectations from this transition. Understanding the available features and how these can be used, modified and customised is essential. Some of the common strategies used by businesses are:


Customer retention: Retaining a customer is more valuable that marketing for new customers. It costs much less to retain a customer. Finding new customers entails incurring huge costs for marketing and advertising. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables a business to retain their customers by maintaining good customer relationships. The CRM system provides the required information promptly and demonstrates an efficiency that is admirable. It also enables the customer care executive to show some concern to the customer based on their complaint which is easily accessible as a part of their record.

Build marketing strategies: Every industry is crowded with competitors trying to attract the customers of other businesses. Getting ahead and beating the competition involves strategically planning marketing campaigns and techniques that can deliver splendid results. The easy accesses to vast stores of data and marketing delivery strategies through the MS Dynamics CRM allows business to devise specific marketing tactics that can help cut the competition and emerge as market leaders. The marketing strategy progress can be monitored through the MS dynamics CRM and tweaked in required areas to deliver the expected results.

Market analysis: The built-in analytics feature in the Microsoft dynamics enables a business to analyse the response from the marketing campaign. Meta reports can be used to dissect the outcome and perform an in-depth study of areas that need something different and those that have been successful. Leads can be extracted for follow up and possible leads identified for further exploration.

Monitor expenses: Curtailing wastage and monitoring expenses is one of the founding principles of increasing profit margins in any industry. Unless monitored it is difficult to know which areas are pushing expenses beyond the acceptable level. Through the MS Dynamics CRM a business can view a detailed report of expenses area wise and take the necessary action. Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution offers a powerful reporting engine.

Integration: The Microsoft Dynamics enables great integration with other Microsoft products. Businesses can reduce costs by using multiple Microsoft products and enjoy the beneficial features of easy access and integration. Microsoft Dynamics offers communication tools like Skype and SharePoint for storing documents. Microsoft office 365 helps to reduce costs when used along with the Dynamics CRM.

MS Dynamics CRM solution in India

Pragmasys is a Microsoft Gold Partner and helps clients with the installation, integration and upgradation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Pragmasys specialises in providing a seamless transition from the existing system into the CRM solution.

Customisation of data storage tables and reports are analysed and incorporated based on the existing system and on possibilities of the new CRM system. Pragmasys offers clients on-site as well as off-site continuous support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Increase customer retention in healthcare industry with MS Dynamics

The MS dynamics CRM can transform your business with a higher number of customers coming back.This task requires a different strategy, but MS Dynamics tools make it possible to keep satisfied customers in the loop.

Customer retention is a primary focus for many businesses now days. Every business including the healthcare industry is facing the huge trial of keeping competition at bay. Patients come to the hospital for treatment and it doesn’t take much for a competitor to lure them away. So how does a heath care unit manage customer retention? This entails going that extra step to make a patient feel special or cared for. How does MS Dynamics CRM help in this sphere?

 Quick data search on multiple fields: When a patient calls the hospital the customer care executive should be able to easily access their medical records so than they can better understand the context in which the patient is calling. Microsoft Dynamics CRM has extensive search options that can assist on finding the right record based of scanty information.

With the patients records in front of them they can be sympathetic and understanding. This little personalise touch can go a great way. The executive can also enquire how they are feeling and make a reference to their treatment or medical condition. This demonstrates that the healthcare unit cares. The patient will always come back with a permanent loyalty. Over and above that every friend and acquaintance will hear about the way they are treated so well here, which can help to draw more clients.

Respond to queries: A health care executive can easily respond to patients queries as they have access to a wide variety of information though the CRM system which enables them to give precise and comprehensive answers regarding different queries about treatment, procedures, durations, costs etc. Usually callers just want a brief concise answer. The customer care executive doesn’t have to be very knowledgeable but can access the desired information from the CRM.

Book appointment: The customer service agent can book a patients appointment by checking the doctor’s schedule on the CRM. This averts the delay of transferring the call to the doctor’s assistant or to their department. It is a time saving mechanism. Different healthcare businesses have different methods of booking appointments. The MS Dynamics CRM streamlines the procedure by making it quick.

There is no better way to promote a business than by word of mouth. This comes about as a result of the personalised interaction that hospital staff can have with multitude of patients enabled by the Microsoft Dynamics CRM.In the impersonal world we live in, it makes a huge difference when we receive a personalised service. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows a health care business to provide it in a very effective manner that serves the required purpose.

Pragmasys is a Microsoft Gold Partner and specialises in assisting healthcare businesses setup and customise the Microsoft Dynamics CRM according to the businesses requirement. Pragmasys will customise the Dynamics CRM in a manner such that the client can maximise usage for business and leverage the system to take their customer relationship to a new level by building a platform for customer retention.

Comparison of best CRM solutions

CRM Solutions are being incorporated by all kinds of business whether large or small. This software has expanded beyond the conventional database record management for improving customer relationships. A CRM solution is a vast information portal with multiple tools and features which enable businesses to streamline operations, consolidate data, assists in sales and provides marketing solutions.

Among the vast multitudes of CRM software systems the three most popular and leading CRM solutions currently are Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and SugarCRM. There are many other CRM contenders in this arena but they are not in the same tier as these three.  Large businesses rely heavily on their CRM system to drive improved marketing strategies and achieve higher profitability.

What does CRM offer a business?

What are some of the features that we need in a CRM without even realising it? The CRM software should be intuitive. It should know what you are trying to do and make the task simpler with fewer clicks. User error is something we all do at some point or the other. Trying to fill in the data in the wrong field, the CRM should recognise that there is a user error and generate an alert with a helpful suggestion. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM is able to perform these tasks in a user friendly manner.

Automatically being able to link up the CRM with email allows business to directly email sales reports, purchase invoices, service reports, service reminders and other industry related specifics. Some CRM solutions perform predefined automated tasks such as sending automatic emails for services or as upgrade offers.

Linking the CRM to mobile apps allows real time information updates from customers. Compatibility with multiple platforms allowing access from various phone OSis an essential feature for some organisations. Mobile device support and integration with third party software enables business wider access.

Marketing automation is the one feature that has propelled CRM to the forefront from being just a database for storing customer data. It has enabled organisation to boost their sales figures multi fold. Each CRM offers different tools for marketing, creating strategies, analysing and generating leads.

Microsoft Dynamics is in a close competitive space as a leading CRM solution. It offers viable solutions to the shortcomings of Salesforce such as onsite hosting while also giving users a choice of cloud hosting. Microsoft Dynamics offers some excellent features which has made is extremely popular, such as numerous automated abilities, powerful reporting engine, built in analytics with business intelligence and more. When it comes to third party software integration MS Dynamics prefers to encourage user to leverage the beneficial features of the wide range of Microsoft products. It provides self-sufficiency which also comes at a lower cost. Microsoft Dynamics integrates Skype for communication and SharePoint for document storage. Existing Microsoft users of Office 365 can avail a price advantage for the Microsoft Dynamics. Businesses that are users of other Microsoft products such as MS Office, Skype etc. should not consider any other CRM solution.

Salesforce has held a prominent position in market for several years. It has established itself by offering features that go a step further than a simple tracking system. Integration of the Chatter social platform and compatibility with Android and iOS mobile OS adds value to the Salesforce CRM. It offers excellent third party software support and integration. It operates on a cloud platform with all the benefits on that sphere. Among the few drawbacks of Salesforce is the high pricing. It ranks among the most expensive to use despite its excellent features. The other drawback is the lack of the option for self-hosting. There is no alternative to the subscription service when you use Salesforce.

SugarCRMis a popular CRM solution that is web based. It has found its place among the top CRM solutions due to the fact that it offers extensive customisation options, can be self-hoisted and is relatively cheaper to run on the whole. It is however,a little complex and requires some technical expertise to get familiar with the user interface. The storage space offered by SugarCRM is not much. Even though SugarCRMis not very intuitive but has some good campaign delivery and sales tracking features. It can easily be integrated with third party software and has exceptional compatibility features.Low running cost, easy compatibility and interface customisation has kept SugarCRM among the top few CRM solutions.

There is much comparison and speculation about which CRM should be considered as a market leader with the great benefits offered by all of them. A market research reach was conducted. The areas that were taken into consideration were functionality which looked at the CRM’s development flexibility. Microsoft Dynamic uses common standards like Java, HTML and .NET while Salesforce is bound to its own programming language Apex, and limits users. When it comes to cost Microsoft Dynamics beat Salesforce hands down. Not only is it a cheaper subscription, but Salesforce is known to have many additional hidden costs. While Microsoft offers a choice of deployment, Salesforce is limited to SaaS (multi-tenant hosting).Globally Microsoft Dynamics is gaining popularity as a reliable brand name.

Functional features of CRM solutions

All businesses are upgrading their systems to incorporate CRM solutions. The choice of CRM depends largely on the features offered by the CRM and if it can meet the specify area of requirement of the business.

Comparison of Salesforce, MS Dynamics and SugarCRM

  Microsoft Dynamics Salesforce SugarCRM
Campaign Design 85 85 85
Customer Targeting 70 85 70
Campaign delivery 70 70 85
Campaign analysis 85 70 70
Batch email marketing 85 85 0
Lead generation 85 70 85
Sales Tracking 85 85 85
Customer Portal – online case management 85 70 70
Customer reports 70 70 85
Business Intelligence 85 85 85
Industry Business Process Support 70 70 70
Planned enhancements 50 85 50
Email utilities 70 85 70
VOIP comparability 100 50 50
Access control & data audit trail 100 100 100
Customer database (history) 100 100 100
Knowledge management 85 85 85
Social media interaction 85 70 70
Hosting & installation 100 100 100
Overall ranking 82 80 74



Campaign Design

When it comes to designing a sales campaign, right from the planning stage to the execution Salesforce, MS Dynamics and SugarCRM all standout with excellent performance. They offer a variety of helpful features and functions to create a vibrant sales strategy.

Customer Targeting

Tracking target customer based on their activities such as purchases, spend patterns, income group, geographic location etc. This information can be accumulated and analysed by the CRM software and used for locating potential customers. Salesforce performs exceptionally well in this arena with an all-round view of a customer’s preferences.

Campaign delivery

Carrying out the campaign once it has been designed is the next crucial step. Ensuring that the strategies are on target and reaching the desired audience. It is essential to make sure that the campaign unfolds the way it has been designed for best results. SugarCRM performs well when it comes to proper campaign delivery with its powerful workflow management tools.

Campaign analysis

Analysing if the campaign reaped the desired results, what kind of returns did the marketing investment derive? Appropriate campaign analysis tools can help to perform a detailed analysis.

Microsoft Dynamics with its exceptional campaign analysis tools performs an outstanding job of analysing the final results of how successful the campaign has been. It helps to identify areas of improvement and how the campaign can be delivered in a better manner or planned differently to generate better results.

Batch Email Marketing

Email has a powerful effect and is a personalised method of contacting a person regarding a service, upgrade, new product or as a reminder. This function does not hold the same value through social media. The Batch emailing feature assists in designing emails and newsletters with easy to use tools. Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce go a step further in this sphere with wonderful features for easy and automated emailing.

Lead Generation

Using the built-in lead generation tool of the CRM, business are able to capitalise on the leads acquired through the campaign. The leads can be nurtured and converted through the available CRM tools.This tool also enables the business to renew contact with existing customers and strengthen the current relationship. Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics allow business to define their own criteria’s and qualify the leads.

Sales tracking

Opportunity management is an innovative feature offered by the CRM software which allows businesses to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves in the sales pipeline. This feature of CRM enables business to do an end to end tracking of the sale.  Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and SugarCRMoffer similar sales tracking features, which increases business.

Functional Features

These may not be among the essential core features one looks at when considering a CRM solution, but play a vital role in enhancing business. Cutting edge features are a result of the constant evolving capabilities of the CRM. When it comes to VOIP Microsoft Dynamics stands out with the Skype integration. Charting an audit trail or customer history is now a basic CRM functionality and they all provide excellent features. Social media integration is an essential required that is covered well by most of the CRM software.

Choosing the best CRM rests on a few crucial features such as cost, functionality, ease of deployment, marketing tools and generating revenue. Based on these criteria Microsoft Dynamics has moved into the top spot as the preferred choice. Salesforce is a close second with price as a hindrance. SugarCRM offers wonderful customisation but comes with certain complexities that prove to be a challenge.