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Why should a business use a CRM system?

Any investment, upgrade or change is accompanied with a “Why?” Strangely this is the beginning of all progress. Many organisations are stuck in a rut, closed to change and determined to make outdated methods work for them. Most are overshadowed by their competition and lose business as a result of that. Why CRM? For every […]

CRM hosting – On premise vs Cloud

Companies are now feeling compelled to install a CRM system to keep abreast of the changing technologies and get a better hold on their customer relations. The CRM system which started out as a database to maintain customer records has expanded way beyond its realm. A CRM system is no longer limited to improving the […]

Email Configuration Exchange Online

  Email integration with Dynamics CRM has become an integral part of day to day activity for most of the business users. This enables a user to respond to messages at a faster pace as opposed to logging into the system to respond. Below steps would enable the configuration with ease & improvise on productivity […]

Power BI and its configuration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Making a revolution in Business Intelligence and Analytics, Microsoft introduced Power BI with a vision to provide improved & impactful live data visualization. Power BI, today, is a well-recognized application in the market with its extensive and powerful capabilities for business intelligence. Power BI lets you connect to hundreds of data sources such as SQL […]

Email Engagement

In this blog, we’ll take a look at Email Engagement feature of Dynamics 365. What is email engagement? How to setup email engagement? How it helps you? What is Email engagement?? To manage your relationships effectively with customers you need to gauge recipient interest and need to take appropriate action in time. Email Engagement enables […]

Scheduling workflow on MS Dynamics CRM

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the best solution for large and small organisations alike. The CRM can be customised to meet a wide array of needs. Some organisations may have specific demands from the CRM system. To meet this requirement the MS Dynamics CRM can be customised to suit the user’s requirement. The dashboard can […]

How add-ons help Dynamics CRM to deliver

The MS Dynamic’s CRM offers its users a vast multitude of benefits. To further add to this we have Add-ons, which are additional facilities that provide extra options to the dynamics CRM system users. These tools can be installed alongside the MS Dynamics CRM and they integrate themselves into the current CRM system giving an […]

Why banks prefer to use PragmaBanco

The Banking Industry today relies heavily on automation. All banking operations have been computerised. This has enabled centralisation of control and management as well as improved monitoring of each branch activities. Centralisation allows improvement in quality and service levels. The management can access real-time updates regarding the performance of each branch. PragmaBanco is a CRM […]

The best CRM for Banks

The banking industry revolves around the multitude of customers who invest with them. Maintaining a good relationship with each individual customer is the underlying foundation for the success of a particular banking unit. People prefer to deal with a bank that has a reputation for giving their customers a good banking experience. Service matters to […]

Increase customer retention in healthcare industry with MS Dynamics

The MS dynamics CRM can transform your business with a higher number of customers coming back.This task requires a different strategy, but MS Dynamics tools make it possible to keep satisfied customers in the loop. Customer retention is a primary focus for many businesses now days. Every business including the healthcare industry is facing the […]