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Benefits of CRM for Real Estate

Like every other industry the Real Estate sector is also dependant on clients for business growth. There are various types of services provided by realtors and all of these services can be integrated into the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The Dynamics CRM enables a real estate organisation to centralise their database and serve all their clients […]

Customisation of Dynamics CRM

Customisation of the MS Dynamics CRM is an area that is not always very clear. The need for customisation arises to meet the unique style of working that an organisation has internally. The manner in which a company works depends largely on company policies, target levels and the principles of the management. The vision and […]

Grow your business with MS Dynamics CRM

The MS Dynamics CRM is one of the most powerful CRM’s when it comes to customer management. It not only assists is maintaining detailed customer records but also has powerful market analytical tools which can be leveraged for business growth. Focusing on business growth is essential for all business to prevent stagnation. Studying and following […]

How to increase your customer base

Most organisations need customers to continue operations and for business growth. While some organisations have regular customers others constantly need new ones to thrive. Advertising is a technique used to attract new customers. For decades advertising has proved to be an effective method; however the internet and media manipulation has resulted in certain organisations capturing […]

Maintaining customer relationships

Maintaining a good relationship with customers is of prime importance for every organisation.  A relationship is strengthened by communication and similarly good communication with a customer is a necessity. The Customer Relationship Management system streamlines the kind of rapport an organisation has with its customer base.  An organisation is always willing to invest in a […]

Dynamics CRM – The user friendly CRM

At the end of the day the most essential quality that every organisation looks for in a CRM is the ease with which they are able to operate it. A user friendly CRM gets instant appreciation and approval from daunting employees. On the other hand having to learn how to operate a new CRM system […]

The flexibility of Dynamics CRM

Every organisation would prefer to use a CRM system that offers flexibility. A system which can be conformed and cater to their particular prerequisite of an organisation is the ideal choice. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the perfect solution for many organisations for several reasons. The most prevalent being the ease with which it can […]

World class CRM for Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry hinges on generating leads and maximising the conversion of these leads. Each real estate firm has a record of contacts that have shown some interest in purchasing or selling a property.  These are valuable contacts and their information needs to be recorded for future reference and use. The contacts database comprises […]

The powerful Dynamics CRM analytics

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the leading CRM systems globally. This position is propelled by a few underlying factors and powerful resources. One of the prominent features of the Dynamics CRM which makes it a preferred CRM is the MS analytics encompassed within the CRM system. Recognising useful tools and being able to leverage […]

The CRM advantage for Insurance firms

An insurance organisation needs a CRM system that can be leveraged to multiply sales. The PragmaAssurance is a CRM system designed especially for the insurance domain. It is based on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM and offers a number of special features that are aimed towards the propagation of insurance firms for greater gains. The insurance […]