Benefits of CRM for Real Estate

Like every other industry the Real Estate sector is also dependant on clients for business growth. There are various types of services provided by realtors and all of these services can be integrated into the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The Dynamics CRM enables a real estate organisation to centralise their database and serve all their clients from a single interaction point. It enables a multi-faceted service point based on client relationship.

Meeting client requirements

Different clients have varying requirements for a property. Usually these requirements are individual specific and can hardly be grouped or categorised under broad heads. The Dynamics CRM enables serving clients with a personalised attention to meet their individual needs The PragmaReality is a customised version of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM which has been designed keeping in mind the varying peculiarities that real estate clients present.

Streamline operations

Meeting specific needs of clients in the real estate sector can be quite a challenge. The Dynamics CRM helps to streamline this challenge by creating alerts for particular customers when a property that meets the specific need is found. This applies to purchase and sale as well as leasing and renting. The requirement for commercial as well as residential property poses different challenges and specification. However the MS Dynamics CRM can organise all the data in a streamlined manner and filter specific data as per the need.

Creating a database of available properties and matching them with the client’s requirements is one of the wonderful features available in the PargmaReality. Real Estate is all about helping a client find the property they are looking for and within their required budget in the preferred location. When a client finds the type of property they are looking for there is very little which stops them from finalising the deal. Budget is sometimes a constraint but in most cases they are willing to adjust to a higher budget considering the waiting period.

The Real Estate market is a highly competitive arena. Clients are not loyal and prefer to deal with multiple realtors in the hope of finding the best available property. Maintaining a database of as many available properties as you can with detailed specifications is a major advantage and can help you hold onto a client with assured business. The Dynamics CRM allows storing detailed data of available properties. This organised data storage helps to find available properties with the correct specification when required. Advanced search facilities are a beneficial feature of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM which gives a Real Estate company a leveraging tool.

To meet the challenges of the highly competitive Real Estate market a realtor needs to invest in techniques and tools which can be leveraged for offering better deals and bringing in more clients. The PragmaRealty has been designed specifically to meet this need. Pragmasys can help with your organisation to upgrade and provide the required training and customisation of the software. It can help take your business to an online platform and take advantage of new business opportunities presented by the internet. Marketing analytical tools and tracking online activity of interested clients becomes and easy task with PragmaReality thereby allowing a quick and easy follow-up.

Customisation of Dynamics CRM

Customisation of the MS Dynamics CRM is an area that is not always very clear. The need for customisation arises to meet the unique style of working that an organisation has internally. The manner in which a company works depends largely on company policies, target levels and the principles of the management. The vision and goals of a company also plays a major role in defining the working style.  To ensure that these principles and approach in handling the customer is maintained, some changes to the CRM system are required. These modification in the Dynamics CRM helps to uphold the company’s current practices and maintain service standard levels.

Why do you need to customise the CRM?

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM comes with a standard user interface with general data fields. To meet the unique working style of the organisation the Dynamics CRM will have to be customised. The process of customisation entails making changes to the standard Dynamics CRM interface and altering it to conform to the organisation’s needs.

Customisation is not limited to just user interface but involves a lot of background work as well. Table structures and data fields will have to be defined to meet the needs of the organisation. The type of data that the organisation stores, depends from one company to another and is also based on the product or service they offer. Fortunately the MS Dynamics CRM allows customisation stating at the entity level

 Why is customisation necessary?

Customisation facilitates the workflow. Employees can have role specific interface which makes their job faster and less complicated enabling them to serve customers in an efficacious manner. The Dynamics CRM is designed to improve the relationship with the customer by being able to better manage customer information. The Dynamics CRM organises customer data for easy access. This is simplified by allowing multiple field search options. Customer records can easily be updated and kept up to date at all times.

 How to customise the Dynamics CRM?

The Dynamics CRM is a complex amalgamation of processes which required a person to have some understanding about how a database is defined. Professional assistance in the matter of customisation will uncomplicated the matter and speed up the process as well. Getting help from technical experts who are familiar with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the advisable way to proceed for any company.

Pragmasys is a Microsoft Gold Partner and adept at installing, integrating and customising the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Pragmasys has the advantage of an in-depth understanding of the system as well as backend support from Microsoft. The technical expertise of the Pragmasys team enables them to make the necessary changes and integrate the software with your existing system. The Pragmasys team of technical experts understand the current workflow and incorporate it into the Dynamics CRM system.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the most popular CRM systems which allow easy integration into the current working approach of an organisation. It can be customised to boost operations and lower pressure levels. Some tasks can be automated and thereby help to curtail wastage of manpower. There are multiple benefits to customising the Microsoft Dynamics CRM with the help of the experts.

Grow your business with MS Dynamics CRM

The MS Dynamics CRM is one of the most powerful CRM’s when it comes to customer management. It not only assists is maintaining detailed customer records but also has powerful market analytical tools which can be leveraged for business growth. Focusing on business growth is essential for all business to prevent stagnation.

Studying and following market trends is vital for an organisation to keep serving its customers effectively. There is always movement in the market and a company needs to keep abreast of the direction of the movement. Some organisations are market movers and lead the direction and flow of the market. Effective marketing strategies can help in this regard. The Analytical tools included in the MS Dynamics CRM prove to be very useful in such circumstances. It can not only pick up trends but direct traffic flow with innovative techniques.

Business intelligence

The Dynamics CRM has a number of smart tools which is able to pick up relevant data from the internet. The Business intelligence factor of Dynamics CRM analyses this data and devises ways in which it can be manipulated to benefit the organisation. Smart tools and intelligent analytics is a winning combination offered by the Microsoft Dynamics CRM which can be very advantageous for organisations that are dependent on new customers for growth and sustenance.

The MS Dynamics CRM helps a business to formulate strategies for various segments of workflow. These strategies are carefully designed after much analysis and careful thought. They are based on success techniques and are sure to deliver results. Operating under a tried and tested module is the first step to success.

Raising revenue levels

Every organisation thrives on revenue and to many it is the main driving force underlying all business operations. The revenue of an organisation is directly proportionate to increase in customers and sales while reducing spends. The Dynamics CRM effectively covers both spheres of reducing spends as well as increasing customers. Innovative market analysis and new strategies generates new customers and upsurges the product or service sales.

Retention of existing customers is also an essential constituent with business revenue. The MS Dynamics CRM is the perfect solution to maintain a good customer relationship and ensure that they are content and happy. Various automation features and workflows can eliminate the need for manual monitoring of mundane tasks. Employees can be redirected to performing job functions that are beneficial to the organisation. Effective utilisation of the work force is another upscale feature of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Optimising Dynamics CRM

You may be using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM but still not able to maximise its usage.  Being able to optimally utilise the dynamics CRM system requires the assistance of technical experts like Pragmasys. Tying up with Pragmasys enables an organisation to derive the maximum potential from the CRM system. It also helps to explore new features and options that can propagate new business drifts. It secures a certain revenue growth and can be leveraged for stupendous growth.  Pragmasys is a Microsoft Gold Partner and totally adept at the Dynamics CRM.  Pragmasys can help client organisations to efficaciously manipulate the features of the MS Dynamics CRM in a manner which is most beneficial to the organisation.

How to increase your customer base

Most organisations need customers to continue operations and for business growth. While some organisations have regular customers others constantly need new ones to thrive. Advertising is a technique used to attract new customers. For decades advertising has proved to be an effective method; however the internet and media manipulation has resulted in certain organisations capturing larger segments of the market share and making it difficult for other players to get a foothold.

 Market Analysis

Precise information about what is happening in the market includes picking up the trends and interests. While some organisations are keen to discover the gaps and fulfil the need, other organisations are looking for customers that have a need for their product or service. In either situation an in-depth market analysis can help to determine the requirement and the availability of a product or service.

 Identifying target audience

Before launching a marketing campaign it is essential to identify and narrow down the specific target audience. This practice helps to yield better results as well as reduce costs. Every product and service has a specific target audience which needs to be identified before promoting the product or service. In many instances the marketing techniques need to be aligned in a manner such that the target audience can relate to it. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM tools are a useful way to identify your target audience.

 Promotion strategies 

Innovative promotion strategies that are directed to a specific target audience prove to be most effective in marketing campaigns. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables organisation to derive efficient tactics and approaches that can generate the highest returns. Formulating promotion strategies becomes much easier with Dynamics CRM tools.

Creating customers

Some organisations need to generate customers for their product or service. Presentation is an essential element in this case. The MS Dynamics CRM can be used to search for new potential customers based on their online activity. These customers can then be presented with your product or service. An attractive presentation could lead to a higher interest rate and thus greater conversion.

Email campaign

Integration of the Microsoft Outlook with the Dynamics CRM simplifies the process of emailing contacts. Templates can be used to email specific contacts. Scheduling emails can help with marketing automation. The email data which flows into the CRM can be analysed to understand who are potential customers and should be followed up with. It also provides a feedback on how people are responding to the particular campaign based on its success rate.

The MS Dynamics CRM enables the measure of customer engagement. The customer engagement level with a campaign is a reliable method to analyse response to particular marketing styles as well as the overall customer interest in a product or service. This vital information can be leveraged to make the necessary changes to improve the bottom line. It is important to analyse what triggers customer response and shift focus likewise.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM has a host of features as well as add-ons which can propel an organisation to not only hold their market share but to increase it as well. Market analysis is important for progress and growth of and organisation. It helps to increase the customer base and business profit margins. The MS Dynamics CRM is one of the best ways to manage customer relationships and it also helps to grow the figures.

Maintaining customer relationships

Maintaining a good relationship with customers is of prime importance for every organisation.  A relationship is strengthened by communication and similarly good communication with a customer is a necessity. The Customer Relationship Management system streamlines the kind of rapport an organisation has with its customer base.

 An organisation is always willing to invest in a system that helps to organise customer data and support in maintaining a good relationship. A CRM stores a detailed record of the customers’ data including requests and preferences. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM is preferred choice of CRM for the best customer support and easy access of customer data.

 Types of customers

Customers can be broadly categorised under two main heads:

  • Existing customers
  • Potential customers

While every organisation may have an extensive database of existing customers, they also have a number of potential customers who haven’t yet conceded and need to be converted. The Dynamics CRM system assists with better lead conversion.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Ensuring a high customer satisfaction level with existing customers is imperative. It assists in creating the deep rooted bond of customer loyalty. Organisations that are dependent on their existing customer bases need to first ensure that these customers are happy before scouting for new customers. Customer retention should be of top priority.

It is integral for an organisation to maintain an amicable relationship with potential customers. Building a relationship with non-regular customers stems from a regular stream of communication.

Organisations can benefit greatly from the MS Dynamics CRM which offers the facility to automate communication tasks. Regular communication to existing customers makes them feel valued while the organisation does not spend any resources on this process.

Communication can be invoked through email or text messaging. Communication to existing customers includes greetings during special occasions and festivals as well as sending them promotional content regarding new products or services. Updates and information about the organisation regarding expansion of new policies and current happenings are also crucial.

Innovative marketing strategies

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM includes a number of market analytical tools which helps in generating new leads for potential customers. Lead generation takes prospecting or cold calling to a new level. With intrusive tools the Dynamics CRM is able to gather information of potentially interested customers and produce a comprehensive list of leads.

The Dynamics CRM assists in building a relationship with potential customers. Following this method they can be tapped when ready. The comprehensive database can provide detailed records about the customer allowing the sales person to leverage this preferential information when speaking to a potential customer. It allows them to more specifically address the particular needs of a customer giving the sales person an added advantage.

Why MS Dynamics CRM?

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM has a huge number of benefits related to superior customer relationship management. This has helped it to become the most preferred CRM in the market. It is easy to use and provides a number of different query options for data access. It also allows remote login facilities for employees who are on the move and need to query customer information or update the record. Customers are happy when the company representative is well informed regarding their account. The MS Dynamics CRM is also user friendly and has a powerful reporting engine.

Dynamics CRM – The user friendly CRM

At the end of the day the most essential quality that every organisation looks for in a CRM is the ease with which they are able to operate it. A user friendly CRM gets instant appreciation and approval from daunting employees. On the other hand having to learn how to operate a new CRM system meets tremendous resistance from employees which can be quite a challenge to overcome for some organisations. In turn this can also hamper works levels and overall productivity.

 The ideology behind upgrading to a CRM system such as the Dynamics CRM is for enriched business opportunities. The valuable insights provided by the CRM improve deliverables and the bottom line. It is not just a system for contact management but helps to collaborate on leads and customers. It is vital that the employees of the organisation embrace the MS Dynamics CRM and maximise its potential. It is essential therefore that the CRM be user friendly with a relatively friendly interface.

 Comfort with familiar interface

Learning a new CRM system is no big deal says promoters. This probably holds true for most technically adept folks, however when it comes down to the employee masses, the situation is quite a different one. You are faced with hordes of employees who show no sign of relenting. The easiest way to combat this predicament is by easing them into a system they are already partially familiar with. Over the years we have grown accustomed to the familiar Microsoft interface. The MS Dynamics CRM incorporates much of these familiar features with similar signs, logos, icons and images.

 The Microsoft Dynamics CRM is by far the most user friendly CRM. Most CRMs claim to be easy to use but Microsoft has an added advantage in this arena with familiar dashboards and interface.

 Customised dashboards

The feature to customise dashboards enables an organisation to allow its employee to work with comfort. The MS Dynamics CRM offers Role specific dashboards. Every employee in an organisation has a particular job function. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM permits employees’ dashboards to be customised with options related to their specific job functions. This eases the confusion and simplifies their job function.

 The Dynamics CRM integrates easily with other Microsoft products such as Word, Excel, Outlook and Skype. Being able to open these applications through the CRM ensures a certain comfort level to employees. They are already familiar with these applications and the facility to easily access and use them increases the employee assurance.

 Learning to use new tools

The Dynamics CRM is easy to use but entails a store house of features and options which the organisation may not be familiar with. There are tools and workflows which can be used to simplify the operations and work processes, as well as automate certain repetitive mundane tasks. Getting familiar with these features may needs some familiarisation training sessions. The Pragmasys team can conduct a comprehensive training for the employees of an organisation to demonstrate how they can simplify their work with the wonderful tools incorporated in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Employees can also learn about new tools and how to define workflows in their realm of work space. Pragmasys is always around to offer total support for the MS Dynamics CRM users.

The flexibility of Dynamics CRM

Every organisation would prefer to use a CRM system that offers flexibility. A system which can be conformed and cater to their particular prerequisite of an organisation is the ideal choice. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the perfect solution for many organisations for several reasons. The most prevalent being the ease with which it can be customised. The user friendliness of all Microsoft products goes without saying. The comfort with which the Microsoft Dynamics CRM is able to integrate with other Microsoft products is matchless. These features ensure that flexibility of the CRM system.

Easy customisation and development

The Dynamics CRM uses common standards such as HTML, .Net and Java. This is a great advantage for organisations. A company can have their own levels of customisation when the need arises rather than having to depend on an external technical support team to do the job. These are common platforms and most technical experts are familiar with java, .Net etc. No special training is required to customise the CRM. This is a huge benefit for large organisations. Hiring a technically qualified person can lead to cost saving as well as serves as a great time saving option. Small issues can easily be resolved in-house without the intervention of a technical support team. This can speed up business processes.

Convenient integration

The use of Microsoft products has been an integral part of business ever since the introduction of Information Technology. In India we are quite dependent on Microsoft operating systems and the Microsoft Office. The convenience of using MS Outlook has eliminated major email and communication concerns across various platforms. Emails can be organised and contact information stored in a comprehensive and organised manner. Integrating MS Outlook with Dynamics CRM enables the user to take advantage of the CRM customer database while using a familiar platform for communication.

Over the last decade Skype has become a very essential mode of communication with video conferencing facility. People in different locations can easily converse through this medium. This low cost mode of live streaming and communication has reduced the need for travel. Skype allows real time face to face meetings across the globe.

The ease with which the MS Dynamics CRM integrates other Microsoft products is a feature that is greatly appreciated. With similar standards and platform other useful Microsoft programs can still be used for performing essential job functions. Data and large files are shared over SharePoint.

Support for transition to Dynamics CRM

To setup Microsoft Dynamics CRM it is best to consult with Microsoft Partners like Pragmasys. The Pragmasys Team can study your current setup and advise the best options for the MS Dynamics CRM. We can also perform a detailed system mapping to ensure that your current processes are all incorporated and better workflows are charted out to simplify the tasks at hand.

Pragmasys assures a smooth transition from the current system to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM and minimal inconvenience to the user. Operational downtime is limited to the minimal possible. Proper training can help employees comprehend the new CRM system and maximise the total value of the Dynamics CRM system. The Dynamics CRM offers many great features and helps to speed up processes by automating mundane tasks.

World class CRM for Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry hinges on generating leads and maximising the conversion of these leads.

Each real estate firm has a record of contacts that have shown some interest in purchasing or selling a property.  These are valuable contacts and their information needs to be recorded for future reference and use.

The contacts database comprises of potential customers. Being able to serve their specific need is what generates business for a Real Estate Agency. Leveraging the available data in an efficacious manner is the solution delivered by PragmaRealty.

Effectively Managing contacts

When we think of managing contacts the first thought that comes to mind is to store the contact details in an organised manner where it is easily accessible when required. However, the PragmaReality gives a totally new meaning to contact management.

Organised storage is the obvious feature. PragmaReality is a specifically designed program based on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. PragmaReality is put together after a detailed study of the intricate operations of the real estate sector. As good as it may sound for Real Estate companies to say that they have a database full of clients, the truth is that each contacts loyalty can be questioned. While clients may have approached your company for their requirement there is a high possibility that they may also be talking to other Reality companies. How do you keep their focus and attention?

Matching need with availability

Every customer has a particular need. They may have certain criteria’s which are not easily available or is not currently available. Very often Reality firms may miss out on opportunities due to not being able to match the need of an existing contact with the available real estate options. To automate this system the PragmaReality offers a Real Estate firm the option of customising the data storage tables to record data in a manner where property specifications can be easily matched with the requirements of the existing database of contacts.

Predefined queries can help search if there are any contacts with a similar requirement as the property that is now on the market. With the help of detailed search criteria’s ready buyers can be easily located in the database. The need for spending additional money to advertise the property is reduced considerably, while capitalising on the database of contacts.

Customer Relationship

Maintaining a good relationship with contacts is imperative especially in a highly competitive environment like real estate. Regular communication is the best method to keep in touch.

Automated greeting emails or messages which are personally addresses can be sent to contacts on festive occasions and special occasions like birthday, anniversary etc. This communication renews the link with the contact.

Upgrading to PragmaReality

Making PragmaReality work for you is a task that is efficiently carried out by the technical experts at Pragmasys. The team will customise the CRM and define data storage tables, search queries and comprehensive reports to meet the specific needs of your firm.

With PragmaReality Real Estate firms are able to take full advantage of their contacts database and utilise it to generate business. It helps to reduce spends on advertising. The PragmaReality is also able to source new leads through studying the online activity of people in your area. This can help build up your contact database without any effort.

The powerful Dynamics CRM analytics

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the leading CRM systems globally. This position is propelled by a few underlying factors and powerful resources. One of the prominent features of the Dynamics CRM which makes it a preferred CRM is the MS analytics encompassed within the CRM system.

Recognising useful tools and being able to leverage it to benefit the growth of an organisation is a step towards the pinnacle of success and development. Analytical tools are useful for developing efficacious marketing strategies. The powerful reporting engine of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables in depth progress monitoring. It provides information in a format that can be easily understood. Relevant data can be compiled in a readable layout. The direction of a marketing strategy can be best defined when analysed against the outcomes or current headway.

When analysing data the sales and marketing team requires:

  • Summarised information: The relevant information in a summarised manner which can give an overall view of the effectiveness of the strategy. A data report from the CRM provides the necessary information.
  • Real time statistics: It is essential to have the statistics up to date on a real time basis to support accuracy. Microsoft Dynamics enables remote access to employees whereby they can update the CRM on a real time basis.

Quick data analysis

Most people use MS Excel for data analysis. The familiarity of the spreadsheet and the ease with which it can be operated allows effective sales strategy analysis. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM easily integrates the Excel spreadsheet for improved data visualisation.

Integration of BI

The BI integration into the CRM has been a revolutionary feature and great advantage for organisations. It provides valuable insights and works as a powerful channel towards fresh capabilities in building customer relationships and acquiring new customers. It is a superpower in data analysis and assists in discovering patterns for possible growth. The BI feature has immense proficiencies in providing for marketing key indicators. It is embedded in the dashboard and can be conveniently leveraged for interactive reports. The Business Intelligence function is accessible for various different spheres and inculcates a sense of dependability on the CRM by employees thereby lightening the analytical workload and allowing better time utilisation.

Organised messaging

The powerful messaging feature of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM assists immensely as an effective medium for communicating with potential customers. It allows the organisation to derive higher TAT and conversion rates. Communication with potential customers includes sending them quotations, price lists, product descriptions and various other product related details. It can be used to respond to queries and clear doubts.

Pragmasys CRM support

Leveraging the powerful MS Dynamics CRM analytics features may require an introduction and familiarisation training. Pragmasys is a Microsoft Gold Partner and adept at assisting organisations with setting up the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Pragmasys can customise the Dynamics CRM according to the requirements of the organisation and conduct training session on how to fully utilise the numerous features available. Making use of the predictive insights that the Dynamics CRM offers enables organisation to get at edge over competitors.

Microsoft Dynamics provides an end to end solution for organisations with a powerful reporting engine and various data analytical tools which can be leveraged to promote marketing and increase sales. It leads to higher ROI and propels improved bottom line.

The CRM advantage for Insurance firms

An insurance organisation needs a CRM system that can be leveraged to multiply sales. The PragmaAssurance is a CRM system designed especially for the insurance domain. It is based on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM and offers a number of special features that are aimed towards the propagation of insurance firms for greater gains.

The insurance industry has a strong arm in PragmaAssurance. This highly competitive market requires a plethora of innovative and creative tools to scour good leads. The Dynamics CRM Market Analytical tools can help generate leads. Using information compiled from online history the CRM is able to extract potential leads for the firm. Online lead generation can be conducted area wise by sales teams.

Lead management

The challenge is not over once the lead is discovered but lies in the conversion. With a highly effective query system of the Microsoft CRM, insurance agents are able to quickly locate the desired information and have it at their fingertips. Customers can sometimes present peculiar queries and being forearmed is the benefit of the PragmaAssurance. The powerful search engine enables agents to source the specific required information quickly.

The CRM advantage for Insurance firmsable to deliver a higher rate of policy closures. Leveraging the MS Dynamics CRM augments the customer base horizon.

Customer Retention

Every organisation needs to invest some time and effort in retaining their existing customers. Customer retention is of high priority to most firms as this is what keeps the company afloat. The PragmaAssurance CRM ensures that a healthy relationship is maintained with the customer. Communication is an essential tool for substantiating a relationship

Easy integration of other Microsoft software like MS Outlook enables employees to utilise a familiar interface for email communication. The user can take advantage of the option of predefined email templates for faster and more effective communication.

Digital Asset Management

Insurance companies have a humongous quantity of paperwork and supporting documentation attached to each policy. It is essential to store this documentation in a manner that it can be retrieved easily when the need arises. Today most of this documentation is available in a digital format or can be easily converted. PragmaAssurance provides efficient digital asset management. Documents can be catalogued under the appropriate categories and can be accessed whenever required.

Lead management

An efficacious lead management system can optimise the sales process and increases growth. Lead management starts with finding the right people who are interested in your product and them presenting them with the offer before your competitors. PragmaAssurance ensures that a sales agent can confidently present information in a compelling manner to quell customer’s queries.

Maintaining a relationship with potential customers is a feature that the PragmaAssurance CRM handles successfully. Automated emails regarding new offers and schemes as well as personalised greetings on occasions important to the customer. These emails and SMS communications are automated and do not require any manual intervention.

PragmaAssurance is a Pragmasys product. Pragmasys is a Microsoft Soft Gold Partner and experts on helping insurance firms generate better profit margins and increase their bottom line by effectively using the customised PragmaAssurance CRM system.