Dynamics CRM – The user friendly CRM

At the end of the day the most essential quality that every organisation looks for in a CRM is the ease with which they are able to operate it. A user friendly CRM gets instant appreciation and approval from daunting employees. On the other hand having to learn how to operate a new CRM system meets tremendous resistance from employees which can be quite a challenge to overcome for some organisations. In turn this can also hamper works levels and overall productivity.

 The ideology behind upgrading to a CRM system such as the Dynamics CRM is for enriched business opportunities. The valuable insights provided by the CRM improve deliverables and the bottom line. It is not just a system for contact management but helps to collaborate on leads and customers. It is vital that the employees of the organisation embrace the MS Dynamics CRM and maximise its potential. It is essential therefore that the CRM be user friendly with a relatively friendly interface.

 Comfort with familiar interface

Learning a new CRM system is no big deal says promoters. This probably holds true for most technically adept folks, however when it comes down to the employee masses, the situation is quite a different one. You are faced with hordes of employees who show no sign of relenting. The easiest way to combat this predicament is by easing them into a system they are already partially familiar with. Over the years we have grown accustomed to the familiar Microsoft interface. The MS Dynamics CRM incorporates much of these familiar features with similar signs, logos, icons and images.

 The Microsoft Dynamics CRM is by far the most user friendly CRM. Most CRMs claim to be easy to use but Microsoft has an added advantage in this arena with familiar dashboards and interface.

 Customised dashboards

The feature to customise dashboards enables an organisation to allow its employee to work with comfort. The MS Dynamics CRM offers Role specific dashboards. Every employee in an organisation has a particular job function. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM permits employees’ dashboards to be customised with options related to their specific job functions. This eases the confusion and simplifies their job function.

 The Dynamics CRM integrates easily with other Microsoft products such as Word, Excel, Outlook and Skype. Being able to open these applications through the CRM ensures a certain comfort level to employees. They are already familiar with these applications and the facility to easily access and use them increases the employee assurance.

 Learning to use new tools

The Dynamics CRM is easy to use but entails a store house of features and options which the organisation may not be familiar with. There are tools and workflows which can be used to simplify the operations and work processes, as well as automate certain repetitive mundane tasks. Getting familiar with these features may needs some familiarisation training sessions. The Pragmasys team can conduct a comprehensive training for the employees of an organisation to demonstrate how they can simplify their work with the wonderful tools incorporated in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Employees can also learn about new tools and how to define workflows in their realm of work space. Pragmasys is always around to offer total support for the MS Dynamics CRM users.