Functional features of CRM solutions

All businesses are upgrading their systems to incorporate CRM solutions. The choice of CRM depends largely on the features offered by the CRM and if it can meet the specify area of requirement of the business.

Comparison of Salesforce, MS Dynamics and SugarCRM

  Microsoft Dynamics Salesforce SugarCRM
Campaign Design 85 85 85
Customer Targeting 70 85 70
Campaign delivery 70 70 85
Campaign analysis 85 70 70
Batch email marketing 85 85 0
Lead generation 85 70 85
Sales Tracking 85 85 85
Customer Portal – online case management 85 70 70
Customer reports 70 70 85
Business Intelligence 85 85 85
Industry Business Process Support 70 70 70
Planned enhancements 50 85 50
Email utilities 70 85 70
VOIP comparability 100 50 50
Access control & data audit trail 100 100 100
Customer database (history) 100 100 100
Knowledge management 85 85 85
Social media interaction 85 70 70
Hosting & installation 100 100 100
Overall ranking 82 80 74



Campaign Design

When it comes to designing a sales campaign, right from the planning stage to the execution Salesforce, MS Dynamics and SugarCRM all standout with excellent performance. They offer a variety of helpful features and functions to create a vibrant sales strategy.

Customer Targeting

Tracking target customer based on their activities such as purchases, spend patterns, income group, geographic location etc. This information can be accumulated and analysed by the CRM software and used for locating potential customers. Salesforce performs exceptionally well in this arena with an all-round view of a customer’s preferences.

Campaign delivery

Carrying out the campaign once it has been designed is the next crucial step. Ensuring that the strategies are on target and reaching the desired audience. It is essential to make sure that the campaign unfolds the way it has been designed for best results. SugarCRM performs well when it comes to proper campaign delivery with its powerful workflow management tools.

Campaign analysis

Analysing if the campaign reaped the desired results, what kind of returns did the marketing investment derive? Appropriate campaign analysis tools can help to perform a detailed analysis.

Microsoft Dynamics with its exceptional campaign analysis tools performs an outstanding job of analysing the final results of how successful the campaign has been. It helps to identify areas of improvement and how the campaign can be delivered in a better manner or planned differently to generate better results.

Batch Email Marketing

Email has a powerful effect and is a personalised method of contacting a person regarding a service, upgrade, new product or as a reminder. This function does not hold the same value through social media. The Batch emailing feature assists in designing emails and newsletters with easy to use tools. Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce go a step further in this sphere with wonderful features for easy and automated emailing.

Lead Generation

Using the built-in lead generation tool of the CRM, business are able to capitalise on the leads acquired through the campaign. The leads can be nurtured and converted through the available CRM tools.This tool also enables the business to renew contact with existing customers and strengthen the current relationship. Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics allow business to define their own criteria’s and qualify the leads.

Sales tracking

Opportunity management is an innovative feature offered by the CRM software which allows businesses to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves in the sales pipeline. This feature of CRM enables business to do an end to end tracking of the sale.  Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and SugarCRMoffer similar sales tracking features, which increases business.

Functional Features

These may not be among the essential core features one looks at when considering a CRM solution, but play a vital role in enhancing business. Cutting edge features are a result of the constant evolving capabilities of the CRM. When it comes to VOIP Microsoft Dynamics stands out with the Skype integration. Charting an audit trail or customer history is now a basic CRM functionality and they all provide excellent features. Social media integration is an essential required that is covered well by most of the CRM software.

Choosing the best CRM rests on a few crucial features such as cost, functionality, ease of deployment, marketing tools and generating revenue. Based on these criteria Microsoft Dynamics has moved into the top spot as the preferred choice. Salesforce is a close second with price as a hindrance. SugarCRM offers wonderful customisation but comes with certain complexities that prove to be a challenge.