How add-ons help Dynamics CRM to deliver

The MS Dynamic’s CRM offers its users a vast multitude of benefits. To further add to this we have Add-ons, which are additional facilities that provide extra options to the dynamics CRM system users. These tools can be installed alongside the MS Dynamics CRM and they integrate themselves into the current CRM system giving an added value with multiple features and benefits.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM add-ons include a variety of tools which can help organisations to perform specific tasks more effectively. Pragmasys offers clients a choice of add-onsthat the organisation can select from. Add-ons have specific features and an organisation can select only those add-ons which would benefit them. Some of these tools may not pertain to their nature of business and hence not having them can keep the dashboard and options limited to useful tools and buttons.

 Pragmasys has a host of Dynamics CRM Add-on products which enables clients to get more out of the CRM system and use it for extensive purposes. The idea is to have the Microsoft Dynamics CRM as the one stop solution which can meet all the requirements of the client. The add-on products provide the additional options which give the Microsoft Dynamics system an additional leverage among competitive CRM solutions.

 Selecting add-ons

Pragmasys can help clients with information and advice about add-ons and tools which can improve the productivity of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM in their particular domain of expertise. These are tools that can help with effective operations and improving performance levels of an organisation. Add-ons are specially developed tools to help organisations to function more efficaciously and get more value out of their Dynamic CRM investment.

 Pragmasys can apprise clients regarding available options which could have a potential benefit to their current workflow and operations. CRM add-ons can help organisations to streamline their activities with end to end solutions placing them in a competitive position.Pragmasys can help you to add value to your existing system with improved methodologies which can propel business growth and reduce spends.

 Automating functions

The Pragma Workflow Scheduler is a Dynamics CRM add-on which enables an organisation to schedule tasks to run automatically at specific time intervals. These time intervals can be set to run hourly, daily, weekly, monthlyor as desired by the user. There are a variety of tasks which can be set to run on schedule or other workflow tasks which are triggered by certain events. In some cases once these tasks are completed it can initiate a record update.

 Many tools and functions can be scheduled to run automatically without any user intervention. This helps to reduce cost and limits the scope for human error pertaining to these automated functions.  Simpler tasks can be managed with task scheduling. Every organisation is looking for ways in which to cut costs and these automated services can save a few salaries.

 Timely support from Pragmasys

Clients can count on round the clock technical support by the Pargmasys team. Pragmasys is a Microsoft partner and ensures that clients remain up to date on the latest tools and happenings in the Information Technology world. Sound guidance from Pragmasys experts enables its clients to leverage the maximum benefit from their Dynamic CRM and stay updated with technological advancements.