Pragmasys developed and implemented solution for one of India’s foremost paint companies through Microsoft Dynamics CRM in order to boost business productivity, deliver key insights and improve efficiency in operations. CRM solution was required to support organizations’ centralized call center operations and in turn, improve operational efficiency and effectiveness. With the deployment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the company wanted tan a single system to cater to various business lines, with respect to sales, Marketing, Service and distribution.

Project was implemented using Microsoft Dynamics CRM and framework was designed by Pragmasys to bring together information from all systems. Pragmasys adopted collaborative model of consulting and followed knowledge sharing approach which, in turn, helped end users to understand the system as a whole along with the interfaces. The end users were trained for Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution so that their business requirements are met and productivity and efficiency are maximized. Pragmasys implemented a solution which collated multiple satellite software in CRM. Various LOB applications which were running in silos were reengineered and built in MS CRM, thus exploiting xRM framework.

The implementation resulted in enhanced customer satisfaction, improved dealer engagement and higher return on investment. Microsoft Dynamics CRM helped to reduce the time spent by sales team on administration activities, thereby enabling them to focus more on business development. This further helped to improve dealer service levels, process efficiency, integration and information traceability and transparency in various business operations. Ease-of-use, low-cost maintenance and functional excellence are some of the other key advantages offered by this solution.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution helps organizations to be more productive and get insights necessary to respond quickly in an ever-changing world of business. Dynamics CRM enables companies to attract new prospects, amplify sales and delight customers. We are excited about the deployment of Dynamics CRM at the Leading Paints Company who clearly have a vision for the future and are working to offer the best possible level of customer service.

Source: http://www.pragmasys.in