Scheduling workflow on MS Dynamics CRM

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the best solution for large and small organisations alike. The CRM can be customised to meet a wide array of needs. Some organisations may have specific demands from the CRM system. To meet this requirement the MS Dynamics CRM can be customised to suit the user’s requirement. The dashboard can be customised to role specific tasks or industry specific options. Add-ons succour the MS Dynamics CRM to integrate additional possibilities and facilities.

 The Pragma Workflow Scheduler provides an efficacious solution for companies with a large customer base where regular interaction is required. Scheduling notifications, updates and reminders to be sent to customer on a regular basis at specified time intervals is one great advantage that helps to minimise overlooking any customers and hurting their sentiments.

 Automating recurrent tasks

Every organisation has a number of recurrent tasks which need to be performed on a timely basis. The Workflow Scheduler helps to schedule these tasks to be performed either automatically or to generate a reminder. This depends on the type of task and whether it can be executed on its own or if it requires some user input and manual intervention.

 Timely reminder through messages or emails can be regularly sent by setting a scheduled task on the Workflow Scheduler. This reminder can be stopped with a trigger by updating the record. For example an outstanding payment reminder can sent until the payment received field is updated which interrupts the task, preventing further reminders from being generated. These are conditional tasks which are executed in the event a certain criteria or set of conditions are met.

 Easy setup of Pragma Workflow Scheduler

The Pragma Workflow Scheduler is very easy to install and integrate into your existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It will not disrupt current operation but may require a re-login to access the new options from the add-on Workflow Scheduler once it has been installed. Pragmasys provides a complete installation, integration and customisation of the Pragma Workflow Scheduler to suit the existing customised options of the Dynamics CRM. The Workflow Scheduler options show on the menu and the dashboard wherever necessary.

 The Pragma Workflow scheduler has a user friendly interface making it easy for the not so technically sound people to easily get a hang of.  Sufficient training is provided by Pragmasys to ensure that the Workflow Scheduler is being properly used and employees do not face any technical challenges regarding the execution. This add-on offers great flexibility of usage when it comes to defining workflow schedules on the entities. The progress of the scheduled workflow execution can be tracked from the Workflow monitor. One can also open the record to check the status of the workflow.

 Pragmasys Client support

New systems are always accompanied with some amount of trepidation. The Pragmasys technical support team are always around to provide the required assistance and support to the client. Using add-ons to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM is easier if the organisation is familiar with the CRM system. Pragmasys ensures that there are no glitches to the smooth operations of the organisation. With an on call support service clients can be assured of 100% support from Pragmasys.