The flexibility of Dynamics CRM

Every organisation would prefer to use a CRM system that offers flexibility. A system which can be conformed and cater to their particular prerequisite of an organisation is the ideal choice. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the perfect solution for many organisations for several reasons. The most prevalent being the ease with which it can be customised. The user friendliness of all Microsoft products goes without saying. The comfort with which the Microsoft Dynamics CRM is able to integrate with other Microsoft products is matchless. These features ensure that flexibility of the CRM system.

Easy customisation and development

The Dynamics CRM uses common standards such as HTML, .Net and Java. This is a great advantage for organisations. A company can have their own levels of customisation when the need arises rather than having to depend on an external technical support team to do the job. These are common platforms and most technical experts are familiar with java, .Net etc. No special training is required to customise the CRM. This is a huge benefit for large organisations. Hiring a technically qualified person can lead to cost saving as well as serves as a great time saving option. Small issues can easily be resolved in-house without the intervention of a technical support team. This can speed up business processes.

Convenient integration

The use of Microsoft products has been an integral part of business ever since the introduction of Information Technology. In India we are quite dependent on Microsoft operating systems and the Microsoft Office. The convenience of using MS Outlook has eliminated major email and communication concerns across various platforms. Emails can be organised and contact information stored in a comprehensive and organised manner. Integrating MS Outlook with Dynamics CRM enables the user to take advantage of the CRM customer database while using a familiar platform for communication.

Over the last decade Skype has become a very essential mode of communication with video conferencing facility. People in different locations can easily converse through this medium. This low cost mode of live streaming and communication has reduced the need for travel. Skype allows real time face to face meetings across the globe.

The ease with which the MS Dynamics CRM integrates other Microsoft products is a feature that is greatly appreciated. With similar standards and platform other useful Microsoft programs can still be used for performing essential job functions. Data and large files are shared over SharePoint.

Support for transition to Dynamics CRM

To setup Microsoft Dynamics CRM it is best to consult with Microsoft Partners like Pragmasys. The Pragmasys Team can study your current setup and advise the best options for the MS Dynamics CRM. We can also perform a detailed system mapping to ensure that your current processes are all incorporated and better workflows are charted out to simplify the tasks at hand.

Pragmasys assures a smooth transition from the current system to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM and minimal inconvenience to the user. Operational downtime is limited to the minimal possible. Proper training can help employees comprehend the new CRM system and maximise the total value of the Dynamics CRM system. The Dynamics CRM offers many great features and helps to speed up processes by automating mundane tasks.