4 reasons why social listening should be part of your digital strategy

As a product or a service company one realises that there is a whole lot of information being generated on the web about your brand on different social media channels. This is from your customers, vendors, employees, competitors and so on. It is important to keep a tab on the content, so as to answer or contribute to the conversation positively. While Social Listening platform from Microsoft helps in:

– Understanding what people are saying about your brand

– Identifying market trends vis a vis your competitors

– Interacting and responding postively to customer statements/ queries

Here are 4 compelling reasons to adopt social listening as part of your marketing strategy: 

Business Intelligence: A key use of the Social Listening platform is to identify the share of voice on social media. One can understand which topics drive engagement the most. The system allows you to track up to 19 languages and sentiment natively in 5 languages. A brand can easily keep tabs on their customers as well as competition w.r.t campaigns, products and services. 

Reputation Management: It is easy for anyone to say something positive, neutral or negative on social media. There are so many platforms that it becomes difficult for a brand to monitor all comments real time and respond appropriately. The Social Listening platform helps do just that! Brands can now easily set their campaign, keywords and keep track of sentiments on the different channels on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs etc. Once the critical sentiments have been identified the marketing/ servicing team can respond appropriately through personalized messages. 

Customer Service: Providing standard replies through email is no longer acceptable. With social media, customers are becoming smarter and demanding smarter resolutions to their queries. With Social Listening platform, brands can identify influencers, brand loyals and customers who are dissatisfied. Once we are able to pinpoint the customers and their queries, it becomes easy to respond with personalized solutions. 

Return on Investment: Once upon a time, ROI was a big thing to determine for campaigns on social media. With Social Listening platform brands can increase productivity with consistent and scalable ways to manage marketing costs, reduce cost of acquisition of leads and streamline processes with effective social media monitoring.