Email Engagement

In this blog, we’ll take a look at Email Engagement feature of Dynamics 365.

  • What is email engagement?
  • How to setup email engagement?
  • How it helps you?

What is Email engagement??

To manage your relationships effectively with customers you need to gauge recipient interest and need to take appropriate action in time. Email Engagement enables monitoring of recipient activity on sent emails to offer insights into buyer behavior. You can:

  • See when recipients opened your message, clicked a link, opened an attachment, or sent a reply
  • Receive an alert right away whena recipient opens your messagethe first time
  • Schedule most effective delivery time, and receive advice on best time based on the recipient’s time zone
  • Choose most effective message template, with recommendations based on your organization’s previous email interaction history
  • Set an alert to remind you when it’s time to follow up on an email message
  • Review the full interaction history of a single message, or review KPIs

Setting up Email engagement, How to??


  • Create a Dynamics 365 trial (US tenant)
  • Add an Office 365 trial to the tenant

Step 1 – Enable Relationship Insights

Navigate to Settings – Administration – System Settings – Previews tab – Relationship Insights and select Yes in the option buttons.


Step 2 – Enable Email in Document management

To enable document management for the Email entity, go Settings – Document Management – Document Management Settings – check the Email checkbox


Step 3 – Enable Email Engagement in Relationship Insights tab

To enable Email Engagement in Dynamics 365 and set other options (cards etc.) Navigate to Settings > Relationship Insights > Email Engagement tab > check the Turn on email engagement for your organization check box


Step 4 – Enable Relationship assistant

Navigate to Settings > Relationship Insights >Relationship Assistant >check the Turn on Relationship Assistant for your organization check box.


How it will help? (Example)

In this demo, we will send an email with an attachment to a customer. The mail is sent from the Activity Tab in CRM, and weFollow the email, as well as the attachment. This will helpus spot if emails (or attachments) we send to a customer aren’t opened and adjust our approach accordingly.

  1. Navigate to the Activity Tab (Sales > Activities) and create a new email


Figure 5: Dynamics 365 Compose Email

  1. As we have already configured Email Engagement the mail is pre-selected to be followed (1).
  • We can schedule the mail (2) to be sent at a later date/time (eventually Relationship Insights will help us her with suggestion about when the recipient usually opens her emails as we pick up data about interactions with her).
  • We can set a reminder (3)to follow up on this email.
  • Finally, we can attach one or more files (4) and set them to be followed as well. Note that option to add an attachment becomes available once the Email message is Saved and in Draft status.

After attaching documents in the Attachment Grid, we can send the mail.

  1.  Customer opens the mail and the attachment (opens in Word Online from One Drive for Business)


Figure 6: Email received by customer


4 In our Dynamics 365 organization we notice that we now have information about email opened by customer alongwith data/timestamp against individual customer records.Recipient activity on individual email records is also available once we open those records as displayed in the next screenshots.


Figure 8: Dynamics 365 Sent Email