Improved Patient Relationship for Hospitals with Dynamics CRM

Every large business with multiple entities and volumes of data needs to have a comprehensive CRM system. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the ideal CRM for hospitals and can be easily customised to cater to the various different functions. Hospitals have large volumes of data and these records need to be stored and accessed in an organised manner.


Understanding hospital functions

Like every industry the customers of a hospital are its patients. A hospital provides two major services – medical care and hospitality. Doctors ensure that patients receive the medical care that they require. Nurses ensure that patients get the regular medication.


The service that everyone tends to overlook is the hospitality. Patients reside in rooms or wards. The housekeeping staff ensure that the accommodation is comfortable and that the patients get whatever they require. The bedding is changed regularly and the rooms are kept clean. The kitchen service ensures that patients get the food prescribed to them.


Role of Dynamics CRM

How does the nurse know which medication has to be given to a patient in a particular room or bed? How does the kitchen know how many patients they have and the recommended diets for each? All this information is accessible from the MS Dynamics CRM. The nurse can get an hourly update of the patients which need to be administered medication and the exact dosage. The kitchen knows exactly how much of food to prepare. This is according to the number of patients and types of meals each one is recommended. This information is obtained by the kitchen staff from the Dynamics CRM. At each location the Dynamics CRM plays a vital role in easing the workload of the staff and improving the efficiency levels of the hospital staff.


Better patient customer care

A patient comes to a hospital when they need medical treatment. A new record is created for a new patient, for existing patients their record is updated with the new medical diagnosis. Once a patient leaves the hospital they may call if they need some information regarding their medical history. The Hospital customer care should be able to provide accurate medical information. This is only possible from the record provided by the MS Dynamics CRM.


Some patients may need regular check-up as they get on in years. Many people tend to misplace their medical files and prefer to call the hospital to enquire regarding their next medical check-up date. With the Dynamics CRM it is easy to provide the patients with the required information.


Hospitals can even go a step further and call patients to remind them regarding their next doctor’s appointment. This small gesture ensures that the patients keep coming back and customer loyalty is maintained. Good customer service is essential in every sector. And the Medical industry is catching on to the business trends to ensure a steady income flow.


There is a lot of competition in the medical fraternity. There are numerous hospitals and patients have a choice of where they would like to go. Each hospital has to ensure that they provide a good service to their patients. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the best solution for an improved service.