Microsoft CRM offers enhanced customer communication

Commutation is the basic foundation for all relationships. This rule applies to customers as well. Organisations that make it a point to communicate regularly with their customers will not only share a better relationship with them, but will also reap greater rewards in the way of customer loyalty. Taking the time and effort to communicate, projects an underlying message to customers that the organisation cares about them. This goes a long way into securing a strong foundation in the market place.

Business growth

Timely and regular communication with customers is one of the enterprising features offered by the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. Customers are the foundational blocks on which an organisation stands. A growing a customer base is not the end deal for a company, it is maintaining the customers through a personalised relationship which counts. Increasing customers signifies a business progression.

CRM communication tools

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers fantastic tools for communicating with the customer. The greatest advantage of the Microsoft CRM is the effortless integration of other Microsoft products like MS Outlook. Organisations that have been using outlook to communicate with their customers can continue using the familiar interface with the Dynamic CRM. This feature can be leveraged for effectual communication through email.

Regular Customer Communication

The CRM can send customers a monthly or quarterly update regarding their account. This is especially useful for the financial sector and other industries that have a regular customer base. Other industries can update customers about their product’s service due date, newer models with better features and various other products.

Attractive email templates can be designed and sent to customer regarding new products, schemes offers or just or updates about the organisation.  When customers are made aware of the progress of the organisation they feel happy to be associated with you. Some customers feel privileged to receive emails and spread the word around giving an organisation free publicity.

Automated communication

A wonderful feature offered by the Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the automated emails. Emails for occasions such as festivals or even personal events like birthdays, anniversaries etc. will be sent automatically on the correct day. The Dynamics CRM allows the user to have email templates for particular communication which can be summoned by the trigger when required.

Personalised communication: Addressing a customer by name may seem very insignificant to an organisation but holds great value to a customer. It makes a small but indelible indent that demonstrates that the organisation cares enough to send an email that is addressed to the customer personally. The features of the MS Dynamic CRM integrated with the MS Outlook allow organisations to take email communication to the next level.

Integrating the Microsoft Outlook contacts list into the MS Dynamics CRM allows direct communication through the CRM to customers. Employees can continue using the familiar MS Outlook interface for communication and sending emails. It allows collaboration of tools that can enhance the total communication process.

Without proper communication it widens the gap between the organisation and the customer making them vulnerable to offers by competitor organisations.  The Microsoft Dynamics CRM understands the need for an organisation to establish a secure relationship with customers and hence has made this an integral feature of the CRM system.