Microsoft Dynamic CRM Customization

Microsoft Dynamics CRM customization

Pragmasys extends a dynamic range services to clients for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. These facilities are centred on making the MS Dynamics CRM system viable and accommodating to meet the specific operational structure of the clients business.

Pragmasys provides total solutions with the customisation of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM by conforming the software system to match the exact operational process. It delivers smoother functionality and matches the workflow patterns.

Specialised Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customization

No two organisations are the same and we understand the need for individual customisation of the product. Each organisation has its own individualist manner of operation on which they base their success. We try and help our clients build on this firm foundation and take their operational productivity to a new level with the customisation of the MS Dynamics CRM.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides the flexibility to customise the software at multiple levels. We have an expert team of professionals who perform an in-depth analysis of your current operational process and map it to the Microsoft dynamics CRM. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM customization enable the modification to take place from the entity level itself and provides a total solution package to suit the clients specific need.

Different levels of Customisation

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM customization takes place at different levels based on the users’detailed requirements. This process entails understanding the business process and in-depth knowledge of the business process. Pragmasys follows a structured methodology covering every aspect of the business requirement.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM customization can be performed at every level including the forms and report formats. Changes can be made to suit client convenience. New tables and fields can be added as required for the data record maintenance.

There are several features included in the MS dynamics CRM software that are specifically aimed at providing support to the marketing team. These features can be leveraged as the organisation deems fit.

Business process tools: Capitalising on the business process features includes utilising easy to use tools to readily access records and information.

Workflow: The workflow can be customised in accordance to the operational procedure of the organisations with interjections of conditions to be met.

Interface: One perceives the MS dynamics CRM system though the interface. Customisation of the interface can totally change the way customer relationships are handled. It also helps to make the MS Dynamics CRM more user friendly.

Pragmasys can individualise this software package and tailor it to help deliver a solution and meet your unique business process needs. It improves the manner in which customers are dealt with by providing easy access to customer records, improved record maintenance, higher levels of security and comprehensive report formats.

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