Organising and optimising sales activity

Organising sales activity is essential. It forms the foundation for growth and the overall profitability of the organisation. Raising the bottom line by leveraging organised sales strategies can help to achieve higher targets.

Wielding electronic media to present information is convenient and a captivating technique. Potential customers are awed by the different features which can be presented with creative graphic visuals. The time consuming and cumbersome live demonstrations belongs to a bygone era. Media and technology can be used to present products in an attractive manner.

Accessing information on the CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM presents a channel for organising and optimising sales activity. The system allows remote access which enables the sales team to tap into the main system and present products to customers. Product specification can be accessed and passed onto interested customers. It provides a powerful working tool which is up to date. This backend sales support plays a vital role in pushing sales margins. Sales agents can apprise themselves of accurate technical specification and product information available from the Dynamics CRM.

Innovative communication tools

The sales team can make use of the innovative communication tools to update potential customers about new products and their features. Communication through remote devices allows instant information transfer. Sales agents are able to provide comprehensive information and provide precise answers to customer’s queries on the spot. Customers are able to make purchases and place orders without delay once they have all the information that they need about the product. CRM access through the remote device also allows the facility to update sales and new customers.

The greatest benefit of the MS Dynamics CRM is the enhanced sales efficiency. Product information is easily retrievable and accurately presentable. Orders can be placed immediately to hasten the processing. Customers are able to track the order until delivery though the transaction code provided.

CRM backend sales support

A technically sound sales team equipped with the latest facilities on their gadgets creates a strong image for the company. The sales team can remotely access the MS Dynamics CRM from a laptop, tablet or smart phone. It provides backing for aggressive sales and acts as an active support mechanism.

Real time data access ensures up to date information regarding products, supply and stock. Sales agents can take orders and make delivery commitments according to the inventory figures presented by the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It provides a stronghold for the sales agents to meet targets check their performance.

The role of Pragmasys

Installing and setting up the Dynamics CRM is an ordeal that can be quite disruptive for a company. Pragmasys tries to make this transition from the old system to the new Dynamics CRM a seamless one. Prgamasys works behind the scenes to map the two systems and create a similar working approach. The MS Dynamics CRM is incorporated without an upheaval in the daily operations.

Customisation of the dashboards ensures that the users can have a familiar interface allowing them to easily perform their job role. The Dynamics CRM provides an all-in-one business solution for companies. It integrates customer information with sales, finances and inventory.