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Pragmasys offers its clients an array of Dynamics CRM Add-ons which enhance the functionality of the CRM solutions while delivering a myriad of features to simplify your organizational tasks. These Add-Ons are designed to help you develop deeper and strengthened relationships with your customers along with aiding the organizations with a transformational approach.

  • Pragma Survey For Conducting Comprehensiv Bespoke Surveys

    Pragma Survey is a comprehensive survey conducting solution that facilitates an array of survey development and conduction services subsuming customer surveys, partner surveys, opinion polls and internal surveys.

  • Pragma Toolkit Facilitating Developer Tools for CRM

    Pragmasys Consulting offers a set of developer tools i.e. Pragma Toolkit for improving and enhancing the productivity in leveraging MS CRM 2011/ 2013/ 2015.

  • Workflow Scheduler For Automatically Executing the Repeatable Tasks

    By helping in saving time required for executing the repeatable processes on a periodic basis, Pragmasys’s Workflow Scheduler provides the ability to schedule workflows on daily, hourly, weekly, monthly basis and many more.

  • Data Migration Utility Facilitating Migration of Colossal Data with Ease

    The Data Migration Utility offered by Pragmasys facilitates moving of the colossal amount of data with ease and efficiency. It is an ideal solution for complex migrations and typical integrations which include data transformation ad scheduled jobs.

  • Pragma Unified Search For Performing Records Search

    Pragma Unified Search is an incredible Microsoft Dynamics CRM add-on that provides the users with the ability of searching through the records across a multitude of entities in a single screen.

  • Pragma Activity Reminder Faciltating Activity Alerts

    Without requiring to log in into your CRM the Pragma Activity Reminder allows you to receive the activity alerts. It eliminates the need to browse through the different entity screens in order to access the activities for the day while improving the overall User Experience.

These CRM solutions have been designed to meet the diverse requirements of companies hailing from different industry verticals. We can also develop custom designed solutions for the organizations apart fom the aforementioned verticals.

Let’s work together ! Drop us an email (sales@pragmasys.in) and we shall get in touch with you.



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