Microsoft Kaizala is a mobile app and service that helps you communicate and coordinate work with large groups of people, even if they’re not part of your organization. Using Kaizala it is possible to coordinate frequently-used tasks with built-in “Actions,” which work like “mini apps” for common workflow scenarios.

Some examples of built-in Actions are: assign jobs, conduct polls and surveys, or share attachments. With a unique groups-within-groups structure, you can easily set up Kaizala to mirror your organization’s hierarchy.

The Kaizala Management Portal is a web-based application, which adds advanced management capabilities to enhance Kaizala usage for your organization. Portal users need a valid Microsoft Kaizala Pro license to sign-in. After sign-in, you can self-map an Office 365 account to a corresponding Kaizala-registered phone number.

Pragmasys is an enablement partner for Microsoft Kaizala. What Pragmasys offers?


Pragmasys understands your business requirements and offers you to implement the solution using Kaizala, Power BI and other Microsoft tools. Which in turn will enhance the throughput of the business processes within the organizations.


As a part of this services Pragmasys will help you determine your business needs and then basic setup and configuration will be carried out by Pragmasys. In addition to demonstrating the benefits of use of Kaizala Pragmasys consulting will help with:

  • Introduction to Kaizala and possibilities with Kaizala
  • Setup a Kaizala Management portal
    • Setting up groups and sub-groups
    • Importing Users and associating with groups having mobile number registered with Kaizala
    • Use of existing action cards
    • Viewing of reports
  • Analysis of requirements and submitting of report for custom development requirement.
  • Training session on how to manage Kaizala using Kaizala Management portal


Dynamics 365 – Kaizala Connector

Dynamics 365 – Kaizala Connector pushes tasks from Dynamics CRM 365 to Kaizala mobile application. Once the tasks are pushed Kaizala mobile application, it gives appropriate notification of task assignment on the mobile. Simple user interface of Kaizala improves user response. Real time updation of the status of the tasks from Kaizala gives instant updates to the Manager and provides ease of monitoring and rescheduling of tasks.

Standard ready to implement scenarios

Through Public group of Kaizala Pragmasys action cards can be used by organizations to address tasks such as

  1. Creating lead
  2. Creating case and updating customer with relevant information.

Let’s work together ! Drop us an email (sales@pragmasys.in) and we shall get in touch with you.



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