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Hassle Free Execution of Periodic Tasks

Every business has certain recurring tasks and processes which are required to executed on schedule and repeatable basis by helping in saving time required for executing the repeatable processes on periodic basis.

While manual execution is not a difficult task for these processes, but, an automated scheduler can ease the entire work while giving the employees more time to focus on the core & cardinal activities.

Workflow Scheduler Executes Repeatable Processes Automatically

By helping in saving time required for executing the repeatable procceses on periodic basis, Pragmasys’s Workflow Scheduler provides the ability to schedule workflows on the following basis:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Particular Day of the Week
  • Once a Week/ Month
  • After Specific Time Interval

Access the Record Set using the Workflow Scheduler

Embedded in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Application, the Workflow Scheduler not only helps in scheduling the workflows, but also provides the capability to provide the record set leveraging the Advance Fetch XML / Find Views. By making it easier to trigger updates or workflows to the particular entry records on the scheduled basis, it provides a plethora of advanced functionalities to users. It enables the users to set the schedule time pattern, and specify the Advanced Find Queries for determining the records to be affected as the schedule triggers.

Underlying Features of Workflow Scheduler

  • Several types of schedule frequencies can be created such as once, daily, hourly, every X minutes, every X hours, weekly, every X days, monthly, quarterly, every X months, yearly etc.
  • Allows execution of a workflow or triggering the update for an entity as part of the set schedule to perform an action
  • As it is native to Dynamics CRM, it eliminates the need for any external programs.
  • It is a high-performance tool which helps you build an advanced sub-schedules for processing thousands or lakhs of records on the scheduled basis
  • With powerful record targeting, it uses the native “Advanced Find” for building up a query that can target a specific set of records for each individual schedule.

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