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Pragmabanco, built on the capabilities derived from Microsoft dynamics CRM solution is a feature-rich customer relationship management solution for the banking industry and NBFCs. Aimed at supporting the better management of relationships with the customers, this ISV based solution has been ideally designed to cater to the needs of the banking and NBFC industry professionals.

Pragmasys’ PragmaBanco helps in streamlining the communication and information flow with the agents, customers and employees while providing an efficacious system to handle the bank specific tasks such as compliance/ regulatory systems, web portal, core banking and lending platform.

How Pragmabanco Differs From Other CRMs?

PragmaBanco is a custom CRM solution which has been specifically designed for the banking and finance industry considering the unique requisites of the organizations hailing from this industry vertical. While most organizations use the different CRMs for collaborating their operational processes and achieving efficiency, Pragmabanco is different. It extends the capabilities of the Microsoft dynamics CRM solution to provide banking and financial organizations with certain features which are targeted at improving the overall performance while enabling the professionals to perform their day to day tasks in a highly effective manner. Some cardinal differentiating features supported by Pragmaanco include:

  • Complete view of the customer information including payments, transactions, financial products, activities, cases and leads
  • Industry specific data storage and specific schema to hold the diverse details pertaining to different entities and their relation to the accounts, contacts, cases and opportunities
  • Agent portals and role specific dashboards for segregating the information and exhibiting it in the required manner
  • Mobile access and integration framework

Why Choose PragmaBanco?

Pragmabanco offers a broad array of features which are not proffered by its counterparts being used in the banking industry and NBFCs. The primary features and functionalities supported by PragmaBanco include:

  • Performance Visibility
  • 360o Customer View
  • Flexibility to upload data from Excel and CSVs
  • Auditing and Data Management
  • Consistent and Efficacious Customer Service
  • Sales funnel and Scheduling
  • Flexible data map for custom and standard entities
  • Insights generation through strong analytic capabilities
  • Integration framework facilitating the core product system connection
  • Direct data upload to the interface table

PragmaBanco Facilitates Better Client and Service Management

By providing a 360 degree view of the customers subsuming the vital information related to them such as customer profiles, financial product details, payment history, transaction history, communication history and the agent details, Pragmabanco enables the users to instantly fetch any information regarding any customer, which helps them in catering better to the customers’ requirements.

Also, it enables the users to effectively register customer complaints and requests, while enabling the banking professionals to respond and sort the issues in faster turnaround times. This helps them to provide better service management and achieving customer satisfaction.

Pragmasys Offers Flexible CRM Deployment

The Dynamics CRM development and deployment professionals at Pragmasys, follow an exhaustive process to understand your unique requirements an organizational objectives to deliver a completely tailored solution which can drive efficiency and performance while keeping the costs as low as possible.

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