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A Powerful ISV For the Insurance Industry

An insurance agency can save valuable time and money by investing in a CRM solution designed specifically to overcome the common issues being faced by personnel in the insurance sector such as inadequate communication, sloppy registration process and document mismanagement.

Pragmassurance, a MS Dynamics CRM online based product offered by Pragmasys is the ideal CRM solution for the insurance companies. By leveraging the underlying capabilities of MS dynamics CRM, Pragmassurance offers its users with a broad spectrum of benefits including the financial services, health services, individual life services and group benefits. Comprised by the four different modules including Marketing, Lead Management, Customer Service and Analytics, Pragmassurance has been typically designed to facilitate the functionalities required by the insurance professionals.

Pragmassurance’s Inimitable Features

Pragmassurance CRM takes into consideration the specific needs of the insurance agencies and facilitates the ideal tools to satisfy those needs. With a seamless integration process, Pragmassurance instantly merges with your current contact list and potential leads to provide you a highly organized method for managing your potential clients and effectively communicating with your customers. Apart from the clear workflow management tools, it also aids you with the analytic capabilities to enable you glean the valuable insights about your clients and prospects.

There are a variety of features supported by Pragmassurance which enable the smooth execution of the different insurance industry tasks while helping you achieve higher performance:

  • A proficient framework for sending relevant SMS notifications to both, employees and customers

  • Efficacious support for the different aspects of successful campaign management

  • Unmatched tools for supporting diverse phases of insurance campaigns, including planning, execution and effectiveness tracking

  • 360 degree view of all the customer relationships and interactions with the insurer across sales, marketing and claims management

  • A robust data model for supporting the insurance specific entries subsuming the insurance policy and its relationship with the other standard CRM entries including cases, contacts etc.

How Pragmassurance Can Help You Achieve Efficiency and Augmented Performance?

Pragmassurance, that derives its structure and functionalities from the dynamics CRM online system, is one of the best CRM tools for the insurance agencies facilitating a standardized process for connecting with your customers (both existing and potential) regularly. There are multiple ways in which Pragmassurance enables your organization to achieve efficiency and outperform your competitors, including:

  • It enables you to effectively manage your business requisites, workflow and the relationships with your stakeholders

  • By simplifying the cross-team collaboration and managing all the vital information related to the relationships in an intuitive system, Pragmassurance enhances the operational efficiency

  • By integrating the Sharepoint services and Microsoft’s Offie suite, it enables you to optimally utilize your existing technology infrastructure

  • By supporting and embedding the insurance specific workflows, it promotes the expected behaviour in the brokers while eliminating the need to invest time in the day to day administrative tasks

  • It monitors and manages your follow-up emails to enable you to utilize the selling opportunities to the potential clients automatically

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