Real Estate business growth with PragmaRealty

The real estate industry has been in a very competitive mode over this last decade with many economic changes. The fundamental essence that keeps the real estate business on a continuous growth projector is simple. We are flacked with an increasing population and the need for housing is on a constant rise.  The demand for goods and services created a need for commercial space.

The challenge is to match the property with the right client. Every client has a specific requirement whether it is for housing or commercial space. It is easy to make a note of the specific requirements by organising this data in a streamlined manner which is accessible at the right time and this is where the PragmaReality serves perfectly.

Demand for real estate

There is a growing demand for housing in urban areas especially. The concept of nuclear families has led to an increasing demand for smaller housing facilities. Most families prefer a 2 or 3 bedroom accommodation. One bedroom flats are also popular among some couples. Earmarking the right cliental is essential for the real estate industry.

The PragmaReality imbibes advanced marketing techniques which have been benchmarked to supersede the current methods. Smart marketing strategies and intelligent market analytical tools leverages public information to filter in and focus on a key target audience. PragmaReality provides valuable insight into areas where there is a demand. It also helps to recognise the type of demand and the current trend for real estate.

Appropriation of resources

Tapping in to a specific target audience increases the rate of conversion and raises the profitability bottom line. A realtor business can focus their attention on specific lead tracking possible clients. Huge amounts of company resources assigned for marketing are saved in this manner.

Every business is interested to explore channels which allow them to curtail costs and increase profits. The PragmaReality is one such investment which specifically aims at reducing unnecessary spends. Data is easily accessible at the press of a button and helps to provide the client with the properties that match their criteria.

PragmaReality CRM

PragmaRealty is a CRM designed specifically to meet the needs and challenges of the real estate sector of business. It is based on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. The PragmaRealty is customised from the entity level for the real estate industry and includes workflow and modules that aim at assisting in business growth.  PragmaReality is a Pragmasys product and can be installed by our team anywhere around the country.

PragmaReality includes all the features and benefits of the Dynamics CRM over and above the Real Estate specific functions.  The greatest benefit of using the PragmaReality is that the CRM has been pre designed and needs very little specific customisation for your business. It saves valuable time that would be lost in detailed customisation and cut back on resources involved in large scale customisation of the Dynamics CRM. Pragmasys can assist with the implementation and installation of the PragmaReality CRM and provide training to employees on how to use the CRM.

PragmaReality with its many benefits and features has helped to boost the growth of Real Estate business.