Real time sales data with Dynamics CRM

Managing a sales team entails many aspects for an organisation. Keeping track of performance levels and sales figures can be quite an arduous task and requires a comprehensive system to ensure optimal outcomes. The Dynamics CRM has a number of features which are directed towards managing sales and marketing while providing valuable insights. The advanced market analytical tools helps to direct the sales campaign to achieve better results and meet higher targets. With the MS Dynamics analytical tools many organisations have been able to raise the bottom line.  It helps to keep track of the teams and their targets. It strives at leveraging the real time data accumulation of the team to drive business opportunities.

Remote data update

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows sales agents in the field to remotely access the system and update the CRM after each sales call. This allows the team manager to keep track of the performance of each team member as well as compile a daily team performance report. At any given point of time the team manager can track the location of the sales as well as monitor the turnaround time for each sales call.

The sales agent can update the information pertaining to each customer immediately after each sales meeting instead of waiting to get back to the office at the end of the day. In this way time can be utilised for making more sales calls and achieve higher targets. Productive utilisation of time can help sales teams perform better and continue to update the data on a real time basis. The sales agent can log into the MS Dynamics CRM through a smart phone or a tablet.

Business Intelligence

Having the right strategy in place can assure an organisation of radical results, raising the bottom line and creating vertical lines on the growth graph. The Dynamics CRM offers a plethora of tools for analysis and business intelligence. Today many organisations are relying on different techniques of BI to take their business to the next level. The integration of BI with the Dynamics CRM has been a beneficial quality for organisations to collaborate on business growth. It allows higher accuracy of future projections as well.

Market analytics

An organisation that can study the market and close in on their specific target audience can achieve greater conversions. Dynamics CRM enables the sales team to target specific customers who have shown an interest in the product or service or in something similar. Being able to identify interested customers through their online activity or product searches helps the sales executives to focus on potential customers. Being able to collaborate on leads and customers is a useful feature set that an organisation can leverage. MS Dynamics tools assist with lead tracking culminating in a greater percentage of conversions.

An organisation can raise their sales performance by upgrading to the MS Dynamics CRM and partaking of the wide-ranging feature set for market analytics. Pragmasys provides their clients with total support for installation and integration of the Dynamics CRM. Continued client support can improve business functionality. The Pragmasys team is well versed with the various features embedded in the Dynamics CRM and can provide a training to the clients team regarding the useful attributes.