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Pragmasys is a leading CRM service provider offering the best-in-class implementation services for Oracle’s comprehensive and complete CRM solution – Siebel. Siebel helps the organizations to achieve optimum top-line and bottom-line growth while enabling them to deliver great customer experiences across a multitude of devices, touch points and channels.

Why Choose Siebel?

We Provide Comprehensive End-to-End Customer Lifecycle Based Siebel Solutions

Oracle is known for its database management offerings and with its CRM solution, Siebel, it offers complete end-to-end customer lifecycle solutions. With its engagement, transactional and analytical features for efficaciously managing the customer-facing operations, Siebel CRM excels at providing the most exhaustive set of effective services. Not only this, Siebel offers solutions tailored for over 20 industry verticals, which make it one of the best CRM products to implement and leverage.

Bespoke Solutions Ideally Meeting your Industry Requisites

Siebel is known to deliver the comprehensive on-demand and on-premise solutions which have been specifically tailored to the industry requirements. These solutions offer prebuilt integrations and role based customer intelligence. Siebel CRM possesses the capability to deliver customer experience across field services, in-store and mobile by leveraging an array of Oracle foundation tools. The usage of the underlying Oracle tool enhances the reliability, efficiency and scope of Siebel, making it one of the most wide-ranging CRM offerings.

What We Offer?

The Scope of our Siebel Product Implementation Services

We offer specialized Siebel implementation services to our global clientele. Our implementation framework is well-structured and comprises of industry prototype, blueprints, milestone roadmaps, reusable components industry best practices, and POC (Proof of Concept).

By leveraging our industry expertise across commercial and bespoke applications, we aid our clients in configuring the architecture, monitoring level and the root-cause analysis capabilities for your custom business requisites.

  • Enterprise marketing
  • Sales
  • Order & Price Management
  • Quote & Capture Order
  • Loyalty Management
  • Event Management
  • Warranty Management
  • Partner Analytics
  • Partner Portal
  • Partner Relationship Management
  • Contact Center & Services
  • Helpdesk Services Management

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