The CRM advantage for Insurance firms

An insurance organisation needs a CRM system that can be leveraged to multiply sales. The PragmaAssurance is a CRM system designed especially for the insurance domain. It is based on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM and offers a number of special features that are aimed towards the propagation of insurance firms for greater gains.

The insurance industry has a strong arm in PragmaAssurance. This highly competitive market requires a plethora of innovative and creative tools to scour good leads. The Dynamics CRM Market Analytical tools can help generate leads. Using information compiled from online history the CRM is able to extract potential leads for the firm. Online lead generation can be conducted area wise by sales teams.

Lead management

The challenge is not over once the lead is discovered but lies in the conversion. With a highly effective query system of the Microsoft CRM, insurance agents are able to quickly locate the desired information and have it at their fingertips. Customers can sometimes present peculiar queries and being forearmed is the benefit of the PragmaAssurance. The powerful search engine enables agents to source the specific required information quickly.

The CRM advantage for Insurance firmsable to deliver a higher rate of policy closures. Leveraging the MS Dynamics CRM augments the customer base horizon.

Customer Retention

Every organisation needs to invest some time and effort in retaining their existing customers. Customer retention is of high priority to most firms as this is what keeps the company afloat. The PragmaAssurance CRM ensures that a healthy relationship is maintained with the customer. Communication is an essential tool for substantiating a relationship

Easy integration of other Microsoft software like MS Outlook enables employees to utilise a familiar interface for email communication. The user can take advantage of the option of predefined email templates for faster and more effective communication.

Digital Asset Management

Insurance companies have a humongous quantity of paperwork and supporting documentation attached to each policy. It is essential to store this documentation in a manner that it can be retrieved easily when the need arises. Today most of this documentation is available in a digital format or can be easily converted. PragmaAssurance provides efficient digital asset management. Documents can be catalogued under the appropriate categories and can be accessed whenever required.

Lead management

An efficacious lead management system can optimise the sales process and increases growth. Lead management starts with finding the right people who are interested in your product and them presenting them with the offer before your competitors. PragmaAssurance ensures that a sales agent can confidently present information in a compelling manner to quell customer’s queries.

Maintaining a relationship with potential customers is a feature that the PragmaAssurance CRM handles successfully. Automated emails regarding new offers and schemes as well as personalised greetings on occasions important to the customer. These emails and SMS communications are automated and do not require any manual intervention.

PragmaAssurance is a Pragmasys product. Pragmasys is a Microsoft Soft Gold Partner and experts on helping insurance firms generate better profit margins and increase their bottom line by effectively using the customised PragmaAssurance CRM system.