The powerful Dynamics CRM analytics

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the leading CRM systems globally. This position is propelled by a few underlying factors and powerful resources. One of the prominent features of the Dynamics CRM which makes it a preferred CRM is the MS analytics encompassed within the CRM system.

Recognising useful tools and being able to leverage it to benefit the growth of an organisation is a step towards the pinnacle of success and development. Analytical tools are useful for developing efficacious marketing strategies. The powerful reporting engine of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables in depth progress monitoring. It provides information in a format that can be easily understood. Relevant data can be compiled in a readable layout. The direction of a marketing strategy can be best defined when analysed against the outcomes or current headway.

When analysing data the sales and marketing team requires:

  • Summarised information: The relevant information in a summarised manner which can give an overall view of the effectiveness of the strategy. A data report from the CRM provides the necessary information.
  • Real time statistics: It is essential to have the statistics up to date on a real time basis to support accuracy. Microsoft Dynamics enables remote access to employees whereby they can update the CRM on a real time basis.

Quick data analysis

Most people use MS Excel for data analysis. The familiarity of the spreadsheet and the ease with which it can be operated allows effective sales strategy analysis. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM easily integrates the Excel spreadsheet for improved data visualisation.

Integration of BI

The BI integration into the CRM has been a revolutionary feature and great advantage for organisations. It provides valuable insights and works as a powerful channel towards fresh capabilities in building customer relationships and acquiring new customers. It is a superpower in data analysis and assists in discovering patterns for possible growth. The BI feature has immense proficiencies in providing for marketing key indicators. It is embedded in the dashboard and can be conveniently leveraged for interactive reports. The Business Intelligence function is accessible for various different spheres and inculcates a sense of dependability on the CRM by employees thereby lightening the analytical workload and allowing better time utilisation.

Organised messaging

The powerful messaging feature of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM assists immensely as an effective medium for communicating with potential customers. It allows the organisation to derive higher TAT and conversion rates. Communication with potential customers includes sending them quotations, price lists, product descriptions and various other product related details. It can be used to respond to queries and clear doubts.

Pragmasys CRM support

Leveraging the powerful MS Dynamics CRM analytics features may require an introduction and familiarisation training. Pragmasys is a Microsoft Gold Partner and adept at assisting organisations with setting up the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Pragmasys can customise the Dynamics CRM according to the requirements of the organisation and conduct training session on how to fully utilise the numerous features available. Making use of the predictive insights that the Dynamics CRM offers enables organisation to get at edge over competitors.

Microsoft Dynamics provides an end to end solution for organisations with a powerful reporting engine and various data analytical tools which can be leveraged to promote marketing and increase sales. It leads to higher ROI and propels improved bottom line.