What is Dynamics CRM integration?

Every organisation wishes to derive maximum benefit from its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM has many useful features which can be used extensively for business growth. Once you have invested in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM, how do you make the most of it? When you upgrade to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM you expect a certain ROI. One of the ways in which to boost your business revenue generation is by employing CRM integration.

What is Dynamics CRM integration?

In simple terms Dynamics CRM integration is linking your website to your CRM system. With CRM integration your website and CRM work in seamless coordination. This process enables the CRM to record information directly from your website. There are numerous visitors to your website. Based on how long they spend on your website you can gauge their interest level. There are some people who may have some queries or desire additional information. These visitors will fill out an online form with their contact information.

What happens to all the information of your website visitors? These are potential customers. When your CRM is integrated into your website, it records these activities and the contact information. You will notice your lead pool of potential customers is growing on a daily basis. This information is ideally passed on to the sales and marketing team to follow up with the leads. The rate of conversion with leads from the website is much higher. Thus you will also find an improved lead conversion rate.

Benefits of Dynamics CRM integration

There are numerous benefits to website integration of your Dynamics CRM. We have already seen how it can be used to gather potential leads.  CRM integration provides an automated marketing platform for a business.  Without much additional cost you are able to generate high quality leads and increase your customer base. Leads and customer information does not need to be manually entered into the Microsoft CRM.

Increase in the number of customers and achieving a higher sales target is the bottom line for every business whether big or small. CRM integration is a profitable move for a business. A business is able to get higher quality leads and also a constant supply of leads. Gathering leads from the internet shortens the sales cycle by focusing on interested customers.

The Dynamics CRM ensures that it gathers unique data. It does not accept duplicate data. Thus data redundancy is eliminated.  Automated processes can be used to render useful information about the company to these contacts and enable then to gather basic information regarding the company. It also apprises them about the product and services available. This makes it easier for the sales team to convert hot leads.

Integration support from Pragmasys

So how do you integrate your Microsoft Dynamics CRM with your website? Pragmasys can facilitate the CRM integration with your website. There are several techniques of integration. The method used will be the one that suits the businesses requirements. Pragmasys provides continuing support and service to their customers using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

CRM integration is a bold move into the future and provides businesses with endless possibilities. The scheduled reports generated by the CRM provide regular updates regarding the new leads and potential customers. Many of the marketing processes are automated and simplified through CRM integration..