Why should a business use a CRM system?

Any investment, upgrade or change is accompanied with a “Why?” Strangely this is the beginning of all progress. Many organisations are stuck in a rut, closed to change and determined to make outdated methods work for them. Most are overshadowed by their competition and lose business as a result of that.

Why CRM?

For every organisation the first question is ‘Why CRM?’ For a larger organisation it is easier to understand. For an organisation with smaller staff strength the logistics can be a bit challenging. Business has been progressing fine with spreadsheets and data sharing options. It goes without saying that installing a CRM system would mean additional costs on a recurrent basis not to forget the capital investment at the beginning.

As much as an organisation would like to stall on the arguments, the truth is that they do realise that this is the future. To keep pace with the competition as well as seek constant progressive growth one needs to consider change. Greater gains, involves some investment as well as advancing with technological changes. The CRM technology has been around for ages and is no new bug in the field.

The small companies watch the larger ones upgrade and get on the global platform with technological advancements. Was it the CRM system that helped them to grow on such an enormous scale? The CRM system streamlines workflow and enhances productivity. It allows the integration of various tools which help to analyse market patterns and consumer demands. Automating function helps to reduce the wastage of manpower on mundane tasks. These features definitely make a difference towards better productivity and business growth.

Which CRM?

Once an organisation decides that it is time to upgrade and take a stand on the global scale the very pertinent question arises – “Which CRM?” There are literally hundreds of CRM systems that are making their way into the market. An organisation that wants to make it to the top has to select a CRM that is used by the organisations in the top bracket. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM is among the leading CRMs on a global level. It comes at a price, but offers facilities and services which propel you way beyond what you could have even imagined. It gives you that double leap forward that makes others wonder how you suddenly emerged so far ahead.

Though there are many CRMs contending for the top spot, Microsoft is a name we are all familiar with and trust as well. The greatest benefit with the MS Dynamics CRM is that it integrates easily with the other Microsoft products. These are products that you are already familiar and comfortable with. It reduces the resistance to change and brings in a comfort level.

Making an informed choice regarding the CRM

Pragmasys is a Microsoft Gold Partner. We can help you to understand the concepts of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM and give you a parallel comparison of the various popular CRMs currently trending. The decision to install the MS Dynamics CRM is a big step and must be carried out with full knowledge of what the change involves – the benefits and demerits the system involves. It is important for every business to fully comprehend what the upgrade entails. This allows you to leverage the features for business progress right from the start.