World class CRM for Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry hinges on generating leads and maximising the conversion of these leads.

Each real estate firm has a record of contacts that have shown some interest in purchasing or selling a property.  These are valuable contacts and their information needs to be recorded for future reference and use.

The contacts database comprises of potential customers. Being able to serve their specific need is what generates business for a Real Estate Agency. Leveraging the available data in an efficacious manner is the solution delivered by PragmaRealty.

Effectively Managing contacts

When we think of managing contacts the first thought that comes to mind is to store the contact details in an organised manner where it is easily accessible when required. However, the PragmaReality gives a totally new meaning to contact management.

Organised storage is the obvious feature. PragmaReality is a specifically designed program based on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. PragmaReality is put together after a detailed study of the intricate operations of the real estate sector. As good as it may sound for Real Estate companies to say that they have a database full of clients, the truth is that each contacts loyalty can be questioned. While clients may have approached your company for their requirement there is a high possibility that they may also be talking to other Reality companies. How do you keep their focus and attention?

Matching need with availability

Every customer has a particular need. They may have certain criteria’s which are not easily available or is not currently available. Very often Reality firms may miss out on opportunities due to not being able to match the need of an existing contact with the available real estate options. To automate this system the PragmaReality offers a Real Estate firm the option of customising the data storage tables to record data in a manner where property specifications can be easily matched with the requirements of the existing database of contacts.

Predefined queries can help search if there are any contacts with a similar requirement as the property that is now on the market. With the help of detailed search criteria’s ready buyers can be easily located in the database. The need for spending additional money to advertise the property is reduced considerably, while capitalising on the database of contacts.

Customer Relationship

Maintaining a good relationship with contacts is imperative especially in a highly competitive environment like real estate. Regular communication is the best method to keep in touch.

Automated greeting emails or messages which are personally addresses can be sent to contacts on festive occasions and special occasions like birthday, anniversary etc. This communication renews the link with the contact.

Upgrading to PragmaReality

Making PragmaReality work for you is a task that is efficiently carried out by the technical experts at Pragmasys. The team will customise the CRM and define data storage tables, search queries and comprehensive reports to meet the specific needs of your firm.

With PragmaReality Real Estate firms are able to take full advantage of their contacts database and utilise it to generate business. It helps to reduce spends on advertising. The PragmaReality is also able to source new leads through studying the online activity of people in your area. This can help build up your contact database without any effort.